AV Alliance Base Backdoor Entrance

So… .Is there any plans on fixing this?


What about fixing the pally bubble drek pull first…that seems like the bigger issue.


I have a better question, why are you still running AV?




:violin: :frowning: cry more.


normally I would be all #nochanges …but after the “fix” today who knows anymore.

Such salt.:salt:Nobody can talk about anything else until my complaints are met first!

oh farm your honor oh wait you can’t camp the GY anymore guess that means more AV to run each day have fun :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t be fixed at all. You alliance players are just mad that the Horde has a chance at winning AV now and are all just salty about it. Should be considered payback for all the years that Alliance has had an unfair advantage in AV. The irony of it all was that alliance has always had a terrain advantage, but now so does the Horde.

Horde finally started doing that? Was wondering when they would.

Yep, you’re pretty :salt:y.

You guys can literally hop our fence, avoid archers and cap towers while avoiding 80% of our npcs, and pally pull drek without warmasters… are you daft?

Edit: we also need to down like 2-3 elite mobs and around 10 of your turn in npcs. Here’s a pro tip if you’re defending your base alliance. If you’re being chased just run into your npcs. Take a guess how many horde have that luxury after you have gotten past their towers.


Considering they still need premades to stand a chance against horde pugs, I think calling them daft is incredibly generous.

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Did you know horde post ALOT about AV? They hop on the forums calling entire groups of people “daft” in attempt to divert everyone’s eyes from their pain. It is like they are trying to produce and harvest tears to cover up some deep emotional trauma they recently suffered.

I’ve documented this at great length in recent weeks.

This makes me wonder, what is going on in your their lives that makes them want to lash out like this. Don’t worry gang, this is a safe space where you all can share among friends.


I’m going to say no changes here, but please understand this isn’t the normal rubber stamp everyone blurts out when people ask for changes. If you are something of a WoW historian, you will know that AV has undergone more changes than anything else in the game.

There are dozens of patch notes that include changes to AV, each trying to address a map imbalance or a glitch ai behavior or something. AV has proven to be a never ending process of patches and fixes.

My long winded point is that Blizzard can’t set their foot upon that path without having to travel its entire length. It’s a can of worms they are not going to open.

It is what it is, warts and all… no changes. If you want to close the back door, there is a pvp solution.

No, they are equally bad.

Horde can single pull Van too so let’s fix that also. And being able to bug out NPCs, and let’s make both teams start the same distance from mid, and…

AV is a hot mess, fix it all.

At the entrance of your base, skipping pretty much nothing. And that helps you too since you can avoid Alliance defending TP.

Both sides have tons of exploits, fix them all.

‘Now’ he says, thinking that this is a brand new game apparently.

solo pull drek was in vanilla

horde bunker hill backdoor was not

They were both in Vanilla. Neither one was good for the game.