AV Alliance Base Backdoor Entrance

nah, the much easier bunker hill backdoor was introduced later in retail. only the harder mountain tree jumping backdoor was in vanilla.

Atleast it’s not EVERY post on the fourms like the Alliance P2 crying.

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Eh, it’s pretty close to the same.

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No way, rn it’s about 1 every 5 posts with an average of 70 comments about AV. In P2 95% of the posts were WPVP complaints and would average at about 150 comments each.

I’m glad you collected detailed and fair statistics on the issue. You did, right? Record them all in a spreadsheet and tally them up?

I can just look at the most active posts and tell you it’s 10x better, I can actually see multiple topics.

Ahh, well if you say it then it’s the word of law!

Alliance not only gets near-instant queues for AV, but also has an advantage in terms of map layout, AND you can pally bubble Drek pull…
…but Horde being able to backdoor is your biggest complaint?

Safe Space Chizzchin, Safe space. Let it all out.

To be fair i don’t want anyone anywhere near my backdoor. I think you should respect my private spaces.

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It’s a pretty big issue, I’ve seen Horde bypass just about every defense in Dun Balder and easily take the south tower and the GY. By the time Alliance can react the recallers get killed zoning in and the horde are using the bridge as a choke point to defend their hold.

The bases have defenses and choke points for a reason, exploiting a way around them is a big issue. As big as the rest of the concerns you’re bringing up.

You are right, this is a safe space and I need to let something out. No real frustrations so I will tell you my deepest darkest secret. Sometimes when I am feeling extra lazy, I microwave hotdogs.

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omg me too… im serious, boiling is like 2 minutes tops yet sometimes i nuke em just to be done in 30 seconds and immediately regret it.

What’s the issue with Pally pull? Using a class ability (bubble) as it’s designed? Check. Using a pot (Swift pot) as it was designed? Check. Using legal pathing in AV? Check.

This method has a very strict time frame in which it can be done. So the group that does it, needs very high DPS to take Drek down within 15-20 seconds. So if your Horde group recalls enough of their team into Drek at that time, you could potentially stop them from doing it and causing alliance to change their plans.

If your Horde group isn’t coordinated enough to do this, that’s really no body’s fault but the players… Just like how majority of PUG alliance groups lose because of lack of coordination.

And oh yes, Horde has Single Van pulls also.

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Best of both worlds? Boil them in the microwave. Takes slightly longer than just microwaving them but they don’t get the dried out ends and they taste better.

Shallow dish, hotdog, just enough water to cover, nuke.

Too complicated. If im nuking its cuz im being lazy.

Hey if you’re being lazy then just eat them cold. They’re fully-cooked anyways, a hotdog is basically skinny baloney.

I don’t even care about our base since every game I’m in horde are turtling and dying

the fixed version of classic is called retail

I mean… all it takes is a hunter and a paladin to ruin pretty much any backdoor strat, you realize that right?

If the Alliance werent allergic to the idea of defence you’d probably win more.

Do you know how that pull works? We have to get a mob with less than 10k hp down to about 10% while standing in a specific spot, and SOMETIMES she’ll solo pull van, sometimes she solo pulls the marshals.

It takes one trigger happy horde who doesnt know/isnt paying attention to the strat to screw that pull up, and then its done and impossible to try for the rest of the game.

Also we are all pugs, so its luck of the draw on the amount of coordination or AV knowledge you’ll have in your group.