AV after the "Fixes"

I would love for things to get better. I agree that the current situation is not great. But having 1 faction premades is not the solution.

So when I created this post I really wasn’t trying to create the brawl that is currently taking place. I merely wanted to point out my perspective of the matter, so that hopefully something can be done to create a better AV.

No one has devolved into insults, except Pags being his usual self. This is probably one of the better conversation that could be had on the subject…to be honest.

But yes, I agree. The current situation is not great. I am not sure how it get fixed, but I am pretty sure going back in time to a time that also isnt great is the way to do it.

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There’s no reason to change cave location until 2.3 when the objectives change. If alliance could stop pushing this ridiculous (and weak) complaint it would be great.


Then why does Horde always cap SF first when both factions are racing to the first contested GY?

(It’s because they start closer to it)

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No brawl. This is one of the better threads we have had on the subject.

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99% horde win rate paints a different picture.

Again. As a whole, horde players are literally no different than alliance. I’ve played WoW for a long time on both sides. I’d know.


Ahh another flat-Earther…

The only problem I have with moving the Horde cave is that it only happened after the respawn-ticket system was introduced. So having a moved-cave version of AV without reinforcements is not only non-vanilla, but has never actually existed ever before.


Ya, if Alliance cave was same the distance to SHGY as Horde cave to IBGY the game becomes fair.

New generation devs introduce pre-expansion BG version without knowledge of why it was changed next patch and you claim it’s “Vanilla”?

Zug zug!


News Flash… Classic isnt vanilla. The minute people start to realize that is the minute we can have some actual discussions on how to better this game we love, but blizzard broke.


You’re more interested in trying to get your dunk in than trying to really understand what I’m trying to say. I never wanted 1.12 AV, it think its awful. Just pointing out a fact that a non-reinforcement map with a moved cave would be something that has never existed in WoW before.

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Well in other regions the alliance actually wins MORE using the exact same map, because they dont have afk leeches and defeatist losers filling up half their roster every game

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We are having a discussion. Anyone who thinks that moving the cave will do anything in this version of AV is just speculating. We have no idea what the ramification would be since it has literally never existed before.

Maybe its the magical sauce that fixes everything. Maybe the first fight happens at Iceblood instead of SHGY and the Alliance still get wiped out…who knows.

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You are right, we wouldnt know. But what we can agree on is that this current version is messed up and the starting cave being closer to IBGY is a big advantage.

I’m ok, with making it where if there is a GY available… force spawns there instead of the starting cave. I can live with that.

I am also 100% on board with forcing people to spawn at graveyards instead of the cave. In-fact i think that is a great change.

The problem is that when Alliance were bubble-pulling Warmasters, they used the argument that “since the Warmasters were linked in TBC and not in Vanilla”, it was okay to kite up to 8 of them away. If you want to make that change, you cannot really use the argument that “it was fixed in TBC, so its not Classic” anymore.

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i actually won twice in a row earlier was very weird. haven’t won at all since tho lol so definitely not the norm

Nah, you missed the point. I think many would rather have a fun competitive version over an “era accurate” version.

We have no idea if a moved-cave version of the map without reinforcements is fun or competitive though. Its never existed before.

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