AV after the "Fixes"

I am by no means a heavy PvPer. Prior to the “Fixes” my personal experience with AV was around a 50% win rate. After the “Fixes” I have a 100% lose rate. This hardly seems like a fix to me, actually if feels like a break. I have friends who did nothing but play AVs prior to the “Fixes”, and now i rarely see them in AV because they are experiencing a very similar lose rate.

This week alone one friend of mine has played over 40 AVs. Of those 40 he has won 3 games. This sounds broken to me, and i would really like to see some statistics supporting other wise. At this point AV is no longer a fair game to me, and i like many others have no drive to play anymore.

Edit: Sorry i forgot to change to my Classic form. I am Cordelia a human warlock of the guild


I’m legit losing about 50% of my games. It’s been like this for the last few days. Must be a regional thing.

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Nothing was “fixed” except the ability to create premade teams, which was an exploit.

All the more reason not to comment until you have half an idea of what actually went on.


How is something an “exploit” if everyone Horde and Alliance can use it? as well it was built into the game. Also take note that i included the numbers of a friend who spends all day PvPing.


You have to understand that from your perspective it may have seemed fine, but from almost any other perspective Premades were doing real harm. I know your games are 100% of the games you saw, but your “tier” of premades were the minority of games the Horde saw.

Since the 25+ Marshal teams were finishing games in 7 minutes or less, they were churning through the queues incredibly fast. The majority of games the Horde saw were these teams…even though they may have been the minority of premades.

Furthermore, every time any premade dropped a queue…this happend
And since it was not uncommon for a premade to drop a handfull of queues before accepting one, I don’t think its unreasonable to assume that roughly 40 Alliance were doomed to nearly-empty lobbies for every premade that was formed.

I am not saying the state of AV is healthy now, but it most certainly was not healthy with premades around. You do not fix a problem by going back in time to a moment that was also bad.


No exploit was patched. Blizz decided that premade AV was “An Unfortunate behavior.”

Until they fix cave locations and spawn rates, and any alliance player who afks the game is permanently banned, AV will definitely continue to be the bg to avoid.


I think you know just as well as everyone else that the Horde simply could not premade groups in the same way or scale as Alliance. Suggesting otherwise is disingenuous at best.

An exploit according to blizzard is "Doing something that is unintended to gain an advantage over others’
Source: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Exploit
I don’t think you can say with a straight face that continuously dropping queues over and over is how Blizzard intended you to use the queuing system.

Furthermore, just because something can happen within the game does not mean it was intended for you to do it. I like to use the Vanilla example of Old-Hyjal. It is coded into the game, but left inaccessible. It is possible to reach it though…but it was never intended for players to get there.


To be fair, i think it was stated that it “was causing unfortunate behaviors.” Which is completely true…especially right-click report abuse.

I do think that removing the large amount of Alliance who are non-participatory would go a long long way to help improve the quality of AV.

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Yea, that and bringing Alliance cave up to be in line with horde cave.

i appreciate how you have put this. the point still stands though even with premades it was the premade that had the high win rate. the normally queued games seemed more fair than they do now.


That is the thing though, there were no normally queued games. All the Alliance pugs queuing up got completely shafted with lobbies launching with 5-15 people…doomed to an instant loss.

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no the dropping of Queues was not right. however blizzard could patch that by adding a minor debuff to the player. something similar to the deserter debuff which would then discourage this action.


Lets fix the afk problem first. I think it is pretty hard to judge map balance when upwards of 25% of a team is not participating.


They could have fixed it in many ways, the deserter debuff you mentioned is one of them that was floated around. It seemed like Blizzard decided to put in a small artificial queue time instead to discourage queue dropping…and that did work.

That is one view. The other view is the cave disadvantage encourages the afk behavior.

“Why try? We can’t win due to a mechanical nature anyway.”

“Good point. Anyone else fishing?”


And then we have a nice chicken/egg scenario.

“We’re going to lose…so lets not try…and then we lose, and we’re losing…”

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roflmao wow

nope. that was how the queue was programmed - not games dropping.

but people keep spewing this false information.

I am not sure what is so hard to understand about that. A low tier Alliance premade took like 30-40 minutes to win. A top tier alliance premade won in 7 minutes.

In the same time the low-tier premade took to occupy 40 horde…the top tier premade churned though 200 horde.


40 Alliance and 40 Horde in queue. The game launches.
40 Horde instantly take the queue.
5 Alliance take the queue.
35 other Alliance hold onto the queue for a while, preventing any other players from entering the game until they drop it before the gates open.

Which part of that is false information?