AutoFollow Failure

A friend had to AFK to make food while we were swimming to Menethil Harbor from Westfall so she put herself on follow so she didn’t have to lose time swimming. The game then cancelled her AutoFollow as we were about to finish crossing a fatigue spot and she died as she got to her keyboard. Is there any way for her to be resurrected even though we’re on the Hardcore Server, Defias Pillager?

At least base on Classic Era Transfer Destinations for Lost Hardcore Characters thread, doesn’t seem like that’s a thing. Even then, hardcore is meant to be one-life gameplay.


Might be one-life gameplay but that one life isn’t meant to be wasted due to the game failing to use something that was implemented from the beginning. 18 years of playing and have NEVER had this problem.

Thats hardcore realm. Doesnt matter if you die to a mob, fatigue, internet dropout, afking etc. When your dead your dead.
Also pretty sure fatigue cancels auto follow same as getting into combat. Cause ive always had to manually move my boxing teams across zones


She stopped following well before any damage was taken. The Fatigue bar was still 2/3 full when AutoFollow stopped.

Lesson be learnt - never go AFK while participating in something dangerous in hardcore. As the disclaimer states upon creating a character, all deaths are final. GM’s will not assist.