Auto-Clicking & Scripting to Join & Queue AV over and over while you are afk

Today a few bans went out across the Blaumeux server against a few players that were reported by a large number of players. The reason we reported them is because they were botting AV queues all night long while sleeping in order to get an edge into the top brackets against our honor farmers. As far as I know these were just three day bans. And from what I gathered, Blizz doesn’t even know what the heck these players are doing. But…more importantly - We have a huge problem on our hands.

It is EXTREMELY easy to auto-queue into AV using auto-clicking programs such as Razer Synapse. All one needs to do is queue from the cave (so that you are prompted to re-queue whenever you end a game), and set up an auto clicker on a macro that will join you into a queue. This action also keeps you from going afk. So with that simple formula, you have automation, and thus, a bot.

Blizzard, what are you going to do about this? Is this going to be a bannable offense that you are staying on top of? Or should we all download the software and set up our macros? The problem is running very rampant and there’s are easily dozens of players on my server doing this.


Sure, if you want the Realm First for perma ban?


Let me clarify that I have no intention of cheating. But a three day ban this week for the most serious offender is hardly a perma ban.


I dont know what the bans were duration wise.
You just asked should everyone start doing it, which of course would really start p ssing off some blizz type people, who would probably start making an example out of people, and boom, here come the perma bans.

Look at it this way, someone just got slapped in the face and told, we got your number buddy.
They’ve run out of rope to pull

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It is absolutely shameless. Something must be done about this.


Blizzard will lose so many players if they do not do something about this rampant botting. It’s disgusting that this has been going on, completely ruins the game.


Couldn’t agree more, pathetic that the botters even do this in the first place, but if something isn’t done about it relatively soon, it definitely ruins PvP for the rest of us who actually put in the work. I have two subs and it makes me question whether or not they’re worth keeping.

I’m only here so I don’t get fined.

Seriously though. This ranking process in classic already requires an obscene about of time. Botting completely discredits peoples hard work and dedication to that goal. Watching these people get away with such blatant abuse is not right and something needs to be done ASAP.

The fact that it’s so easy to pull off and seemingly hard to detect??? Is terrible. This level of botting deserves more than a 3-day slap on the wrist IMO. Especially when the person with the highest honor this week is guilty.

they just did a banwave and you even said botters on your server were banned…and youre…asking why they arent do anything? the eff?


They missed about 12+ people and 3-day bans are garbo for what is going on here. I only see this continuing.

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Remember when they chose to use the Modern WoW Game engine so we could curb the cheating filth that pull this kinda crap?

Yeah I do too, interesting that they do far exhibit more cheaters per capita than what I’m told are in private servers using the ORIGINAL Vanilla client on the arguably superior private servers.

That to me is a bitter pill to swallow.

Still like 10 botters unbanned on my server, these bans need to be at least 1 month with a rank reset.

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Does anyone actually believe the “bans” are anything more than a short suspension?


Nope they are bs slap on the wrist, blizz needs to throw down the punishment or everyone is going to start autoclicking during the night to keep up.

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What kind of source do we have for these bans?

Only word of mouth and the fact that 2 of the top bracket people on our server have uncharacteristically not logged on in like 24+ hours.

People use this software? Had nothing but problems when I used it with my razer basilisk mouse. Uninstalled all my mouse drivers, and just use it plug, and play, and mouse works better since I got rid of that horrible synapse crap. But ya, if people have figured out how to exploit the game using that crappy software, then ban em blizz.


Good post - hopefully blizzard will acknowledge this at some point. It’s getting out of hand…

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