Auto ban banning guild use for offering to boost rating in pvp

So a rogue in my guild offered to raise someone’s rating For free, to help gear for our mythic raid, and your report feature banned him for 3 months for “advertising for boosting”. How is offering to do 2s to get our bis trinkets banable when it’s for free? This needs to be addressed. Absoletly silly. You think liquid and bdgg and echo don’t have pvp people boosting them to 2400 in RBI’s and arenas? (Yes I know it’s crappy someone in guild reported him but that’s not the point to this)

Since it wont let me post on this now, it was posted in guild chat, he appealed it and your guys response was "should of added for gold or for free after the sentence and knocked it down a month stating you are taking this new TOS very seriously. How is a guildie offering a guildie a banable offense?

Did your guild-mate appealed the decision?


There is no Auto banning! Your friend was reported and suspended based on what blizzard saw in their logs. He needs to appeal and explain this was through a guild and not some random group.

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Where was it advertised?

Individuals and guilds selling items and services for gold is allowed but can only be advertised in-game through the Trade chat channel. Advertisements are not allowed in the Group Finder. The Group Finder is intended to help players find active groups that are being formed and advertisements make it difficult to find relevant groups.


The scenario you’ve described doesn’t really line up with how we handle reports about this. If your friend would like to appeal the suspension then they will need to submit a ticket through our support website:

We won’t be able to share any information with you about another persons account and we will not review the penalty over the forums. Posting about disciplinary actions here is against the rules.

Some expectation setting your friend should be aware of:

When they open an appeal, they are not opening a conversation or pleading their case. An appeal ticket starts a process through which a Game Master will review the information that led to the suspension. If the information is found to be incorrect, they are empowered to overturn the suspension. However, if the information is correct the suspension will be upheld. The Game Masters will not be able to share exactly what was identified, how it was identified, or when it was identified. We intentionally obfuscate that information to make it difficult for exploiters to avoid being caught.