Authentic ICC with #somechanges

This is not a comprehensive list, but to name some of the good changes we’ve seen so far:

  • Eliminating haste snapshotting on Death Knight Gargoyle
  • Preventing a weird fiery Warrior Deep Wounds meta
  • Munching fix for Warriors and Mages
  • Shattering Throw being an undeniably good cooldown to use for the benefit of the raid
  • Cooldown resetting, including Warlock Infernal
  • Shaman Fire Elemental hit box fix
  • Eliminating bearweaving

WotLK was not recreated with progressive patching. Because of this, the unintentional mega-buff to Feral dps and the Paladin glyph can be argued as changes that helped keep those dps specializations afloat through the first 3 phases.

With the launch of ICC on the horizon, Feral dps and Retribution Paladins no longer need their dps propped up by these changes. The following adjustments should be made in order to recreate a decently authentic ICC patch:

  • Remove the new Paladin glyph from the game, since it is no longer needed to make Retribution Paladin a desirable raid slot. Do not adjust any of the fun TAJ or Shadowmorne interactions with the Paladin toolkit.
  • Add the 5% physical damage nerf that was going to be implemented via the naturalist talent, but instead put it on the new Druid glyph.

The only change they should still do is remove affliction warlocks snapshotting.


Game would have been better with #nochanges.


This is wrong, rets would begin to be sat again for ICC progression as soon as you take this glyph away. Same thing that happened to them in Ulduar.

No one cares about end of phase bis sims when the game is basically over anyway.

I would support a nerf if ret and feral is way ahead of everyone else at the start of Phase 4 (Which is what matters) (They are not)


You are one of the creators of the titan’s grip 10% removal threads, imagine if blizzard listened to you? 19k dps single target warrior sim, you’d be number 1 on st and cleave by thousands lol, or is that the goal? I would have thought that being proven to be so wrong would have made you think that you might be off base in your assumptions, apparently not, here’s another thread, please nerf everyone ahead of me, all the changes that buffed me were good, ty blizz


If fiery was in the game then we may have had 19k dps, and I’m not advocating for the return of fiery.

Always ask for more than you think they’ll give you, and then meet in the middle.

“ask for more than you think they’ll give you” that’s refreshingly honest, basically saying that you post things you don’t think are completely true hoping the devs will think its partially true to a lesser extent and hit paladins/ferals with a nerf?

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In the context of the feral buff, removing the TG penalty would have been equivalent. That’s how crazy the feral buff is.

Obviously that would have opened a can of worms, so let’s restore some sanity and relative accuracy of meta raid composition in WotLK now that the content/gear is tuned for the patch we’re playing.

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Why not?
What’s wrong with those 2 being A/S tier specs?
Why does it have to be UDK/Affic/Fwarr/Fmage dominating meters? Why can’t Feral and Ret join the crew?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shifting meta a little.
Mages/Locks/DKs/Warriors been absolute gods for past 5+ years (DKs are most recent ofc). It’s astonishing how fragile warrior mains are. “i hAvE tO bE tOP DpS”

Sims for P4 are in. And all S-tier specs are very very very close to each other. Fwarrs are still S-tier.


Na, 10 chars

There absolutely is something wrong with shifting the meta. We’re playing a recreation of a classic game to relive a near authentic experience of the original. We welcome changes that smooth out the rough edges, but not meta shifting ones. That would have been classic+.

My expectation for this expansion was to lie low on the dps until ICC. I took no issue with that until changes invalidated our scaling. Sorry that a relatively authentic experience would be to have fury with a Ledgendary weapon be top melee dps. Right now we have feral dps in a position to break the meta where several cats are brought to raid instead of several furies.

Retribution Paldins would be in a great place without their glyph. They bring essential raid defensive cooldowns, especially for The Lich King.


Warriors are sad bc 3 years of dominating since classic are over


I would say this is more about how the gameplay feels, and not your arbitrary position in dps rankings.

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Not according to the actual developers of the game. At Wrath launch they said they are going into #SomeChanges approach, as #NoChanges pretty much failed miserably.

Treat Classic as your “WoW+” if that would help you.
I do support 90% of changes to the game thus far.

And like @Holyseizure said, its not all about the meters. The gameplay is pretty much identical to what OG Wrath was.

Balancing, as P1-3 suggests, in Wrath is pretty bad baseline. This is why uDKs were doing nearly FOUR TIMES the damage of Rets during P1.

you can never have Authentic experience in a re-release anyway.

WotLK Classic has suffered from changes, made up systems, rebalancing, new features.

All true Classic players, deeply wish that WotLK Classic was as original as possible. Progressive patches, accurate timeline, and correct interface options.

Saddening such a wonderful game turned into ruin with the need from developers and cries from players who don’t understand why Classic was desired in the first place. Please, return to retail.

Stop changing the game.

Leave Classic alone.

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You’re essentially agreeing with my post, Flamelink. I’m taking issue with the 10%.

It’s easy to focus on the negatives and not appreciate the rest for it’s good qualities.

That’s what I tell my wife. Don’t get hung up on bad things. Emphasize good things instead. Nothing ever will be perfect and people will always disagree on things.

I do understand that some may not be happy being warriors right now and it will feel like no1 would want to bring them. But that’s not the case…If it was, there’d be 20 locks+UDKs only since week 1 of Wrath. Balancing in ICC phase is going to be pretty good. All S-tier are very very tight to each other on Sims.

Here is a good thing that happened to me today - I got Kara mount to drop.

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Nobody currently working on this abortion was a developer of the original wrath experience that we wanted…

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Then why you playing this game then? And you know exactly what I meant. It has nothing to do with Devs from 2008.

You clearly hate it.

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