[A][US][Lothar]<Conspiracy Theory> Casual/Social guild looking for mature players and good people!

Connected Realms: Lothar, Grizzly Hills, Trollbane, Malfurion, Moonrunner, Gnomer, Kael’thas, Ghostlands.

We are a new guild full of old people. Not that old. Ok, in context, we’re old – bunch of middle aged gamers who care about playing in a supportive, positive environment with decent people and good friends. We aren’t a “raiding guild” but we do raid weekly and run quite a few mythic keys every day.

We are not quite 4 weeks old and building our guild based on social fit and guild culture. We aim to be a haven away from the toxicity and drama of the general community by ensuring that everyone who joins the guild finds a home. We don’t do random invites – we are looking for people that want to be here and mesh with our culture.

We currently raid weekly Wednesday nights 8-10 EST and will likely adopt a similar schedule in Shadowlands – there is a good chance we will be adding another day. We run mythic keys pretty much every other night of the week currently and expect that to continue once Shadowlands is out and as people hit max level.

That said, participating in end game group content is not a requirement and players are welcome to join just to have nice, friendly chat and to make friends while they play the game. We are not looking for any specific classes or roles and all playstyles and skill levels are welcome. Many of us are collectors and achievement chasers.

We have an active Discord server though for voice chat we mostly use the Blizzard in game voice. We also have a robust bank with full repairs, etc. Many of us are long time players with heavy raiding ad guild management experience. this guild was founded out of dissatisfaction with the options available and the desire to establish a community driven guild with good, friendly people.

We are throwing it back to a time in Wow’s history where guilds had an identity and it meant something to join one where players felt comfortable and at home. Its important for guild members to be assured that every new player that joins wants to be there and is a good fit in both directions.

The best way to reach us is through the in game Guild Finder. We look forward to hearing from you!