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House of Protectors is currently recruiting for the progression team! We have a nice friendly community who also runs raids, achievements, mythic+, and weekly/bi-weekly/monthly social events. We are a very chill group of people that play a variety of games with vastly diverse interests. We are just looking for more active consistent players to join our family even if it isn’t for the progression team.

Raid Schedule:

  • Team Fortitude (Progression Heroic 1/11; Normal 9/11):
    Friday & Saturday at 9:00pm-12am EST
  • The A-Team (Normal 2/11):
    Sunday at 9:00pm-12am EST - We are looking to add one more night for this team.

Recruitment Needs:
For Team Fortitude Progression -

  • DPS : Warlock, Rogue, Death Knight, Mage
  • Healers : Monk, Paladin, Shaman
  • Tanks: Monk, Warrior, Druid, Death Knight, Demon Hunter

In a raider, we expect the will and drive to learn and collaborate, as well as openness to constructive criticism, initiative to research and master your class, and the desire to progress at a moderate pace especially for pushing heroic AOTC. We are casual but committed to work as a team. For Heroic we are looking mainly for off tank, off heals, and additional DPS. Any class or spec is welcome! It will definitely allow some of our players to try different alts/specs and build the bench.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact any one of us anytime.
Battlenet : Tarlyn#1832, Cailan#2974, or Jefforay#1233
Discord : Tarlyn#3574, Easthcail#9078 or Sid#5176

If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to send a message to us or post here. Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!


I’m not available until 10-10:30 est each night but would like to be on the bench for the heroic group as monk heals or dps. Feel free to add me in if your looking to fill mid raid

Hey Pändamoniüm - It is good to see you buddy. Of course, you are definitely welcome to join us. I’ll let the raid leader know.

As a former GM of a Mythic Raiding Guild with multiple teams and events,

The community that the GM of House of Protectors fosters, along with her officer core, is one of the best I have seen. The officers and GM genuinely care about the guild and trying to make you, get what you want from this game. They do Among Us nights, Karaoke out the wazoo.

We do enjoy molly-wopping Raid Bosses and Mythic + Dungeons.

We do not mind teaching, helping or etc. We are constantly leveling alts and researching what we can.

This Community is a great home for anyone looking and can accommodate just about any player.

I have been a guild nomad for about 2 years until finding House of Protectors. Never seen a guild so dedicated to ensuring everyone is comfortable and participating in the content they’re able to/interested in.

The senior officers tirelessly run dungeons and raids for the guild and we’re just looking to plug a few holes so the team can progress into Heroic/Mythic respectively.

The community vibe is hard to replicate and there are seemingly always 10+ people on willing to do stuff.


For Team Fortitude Heroic Progression is now 5/10. We are definitely in need of DK.

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The Heroic Progression team is now 6/10. First 5 are now routine and mostly 1-shots for us

To give you an idea of what we do - this week we ran 4 guild raids and the heroic team (in Pursuit of Fortitude) and normal (the A-Team) both cleared the first 6 bosses. We run keys every day and time them from +2 to +16 (some push higher).

We are open to pretty much anything to help us build up the team and give us more flexibility but a few more healers and ranged dps. A-team is open to everyone and a great place to explore alts.

Any questions get in touch!

What are raid times and days like? I main a 233 holy/ ret paldin and have this druid as well.

Right now we are raiding Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9.30-Midnight EST. We put in an extra normal raid either Saturday at 8pm or Monday 9.30pm. We also have an alliance with another Dalaran based guild who raid Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-midnight for heroic that quite a few of us join.

Heroic team is 7/10 so we now have Fatescribe to which we can look forward!

There have been a few gaps in the roster due to work commitments, going back to college etc. so we would like a few more healers and an extra tank. Ideally, the healers would be different to Holy Priests since we have quite a few of those already.

Very strong dps are welcome to help us progress for the final 3. If you don’t have the numbers yet we also have a normal team that can help with gearing and getting to know you.

We had our first Kel’Thuzad HC on Friday (using skip, we are postponing the delights of Fatescribe). Solid first attempt just touching phase 3 so within spitting distance of a kill.

We need to expand the team a bit so we can run a larger group comp: healers and dps. Our off-tank can heal so tanks are welcome to apply too.

This a fun and supportive guild so do not be shy. We are running all kinds of keys during the week to help people gear.

Heroic: Friday and Saturday from 9.30pm Server (Eastern) time until midnight (under consideration to extend to 12.30am)
Normal: Sunday 9.30pm-midnight

Current stats: a few people away so still progging on KT (13% final phase) but in the meantime just completed 1/10 Mythic with our first Tarragrue kill.

Still looking for a few more dps and healers to build up the team and help up push further. Any questions let me know!

Such as?

I’ve got a UH DK and tri-spec Shaman at 60 here, working on a Havoc DH, Marks Hunter, Disc Priest and MW Monk as well.

This is my dk. He can be properly geared in a week.

And Shaman. Same story.

58 Hunter
58 Priest and 52 DH as well.
Monk is very low level but time frame to be heroic ready is about 7-14 days for any.

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We are pretty flexible and just ask that people play a consistent main for the heroic team. I think the DK or the Shaman would both be great for us since we don’t have a regular representative of one of those classes

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KT down tonight on the third pull, onwards to Sylvanas.

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Joined HoP about 8 months ago and have been having a blast. They have so many different activities in-game that there’s always something going on whether its running Keys, Raiding or casual questing/leveling. GM and Officers are always helpful and encouraging group activities both in-game and Discord. Members are friendly and helpful. If you’re looking for a Guild, looking for a change of pace or have an alt you would like to bring in to check things out, pls do. You won’t be disappointed.

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Friend and I are returning players. We quit early into the xpac for various reasons. We are ready to get back into it. We are casual cuz of RL but would like to do some pve stuff eventually, even if their m0’s. We’re looking for people to play, learn and grow with now and into the next xpac.

Come join us! We have tons of active players and willing to help especially guild before pug.

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