August 11 Beta Build 35522

Still waiting for the blue post and hope for something good for Demo, the spec got some good changes but not really big, nothing new. Maybe some pet changes :smiley:



go bump :V

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I’d be a happy lock. Right now in PTR locks are really fun. Aff changes are awesome

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Good. I freaking missed Affliction


Maybe make it a talent similar to the PvP one, that way it’s easier to balance. If they’re really so afraid of players not being able to juggle so many dots, a talent could also make us choose between multiple UA’s vs Siphon Life or vs Vile Taint etc

I wish they would change Demo Doom to be just a powerful DoT, maybe make it an upgrade of corruption at some point. Does alot over damage of 30 seconds with a change per tick to summon a random demon.

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