Augmentation has ruined the game for me

I have never had such a miserable time playing this game right now. I’m at the point of wanting to quit, and I never thought I’d quit DF because the endgame was going so well. But I can’t even get into 16s now for crest farms as Devastation, yet alone the 19s I was doing before Aug dropped.

I have been spoken to horribly, called nasty names, kicked from groups, and declined 10000 times for playing Devastation and not switching to Aug - which I don’t even have setup and haven’t tried outside week 1 of pbe weeks and weeks ago. I’ve never experienced anything like this before, the way people are getting so mean and nasty and angry at me just for playing a spec that’s viable af, and it’s ruining the game for me.

I worked so hard taking tips people gave me here, and what I found online, to t ry and improve my rotations and stuff, and I can’t even try it out and get practice in now because after spending an hour of being declined, I can’t get into a damn group.

My frustration wants Augmentation nerfed into the ground just so that I can play my damn character. But at the same time, I do not want to ruin a spec for people who are enjoying it, and I know murdering it’s viability is not right.

I just don’t know what to do, my guild refuses to let me in their inner clique, and I have no friends. Pugging is 85-90% of why I’m 2.5k right now and 443ilvl, not premades or friends or guildies actively inviting me to stuff like I’m an equal. I relied OVERWHELMINGLY on my ability to get into pug groups, and now I can’t even get into 16s to farm crests and slots for vault.

Am I just insanely unlucky to keep running into this? Are other Devastation players experiencing this?

Like you don’t need a Fing aug for a 16, people are just so obsessed with seeing themselves pump out high damage on meters due to buffs and watching pros and thinking their 16 is the same environment as a pro/streamer’s 26, to think they need an aug for 16, especially when everyone in the group is 443ilvl and higher.

Ugh, thanks for coming to my ted talk -_-
I have no one to talk to so I type dissertations on here.
Thanks though, the evoker forms feels like a welcoming place to vent, outside of like 1-2 people everyone has always been so kind here, thanks for reading my whining.
I just want to play the damn game



I would see about finding another guild or community to play with. Pugging can be rough sometimes.

I’ve heard positive things about “wow made easy” a safe place for folks to play. Worth checking out :slight_smile:



I’ve never heard of wow made easy before, so I’ll look into that tomorrow! Maybe I can actually get into a couple of dungeons and at least get one vault slot before reset. I wanted three but at this rate I’d just be happy for 1.

Thanks for letting me know about them!

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Sorry to say this, but you roll the dice when you step into the public pool. To Fair Deva isn’t the only spec that has these experiences. Any None Meta spec gets hit with a few speed bumps here and there because they play the less Popular specs.

If its causing you soo much hassle, try Farming with your Own Keys. You just have to set the group up. Most Dungeons have straight forward pathing so its not like you have to actually lead or anything. The tanks going to go where the tank wants anyway. Try forming “Friends” with the good Tanks/Healers a long the way. See if they want to run another.

Find a new Guild, if your current one doesnt work with you. Personally often times people find groups to run keys with and thats who they naturally invite. So wouldn’t necessarily fault them for that. Maybe ask that group if they dont mind subing you in a few times for a key? Its good for the “Guild” so I would imagine they would.

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I get it, I do. And I hope things get better. This has happened with a lot of specs though over the years though. I’m not claiming the impact has been the same, but it comes with changes or new things, and eventually it goes. Like honestly, who invites a mage to group and is happy to see them as Arcane currently?

I feel your pain dude. I want to play devestation just as much, but cant with aug existing. Damage buffs alone wont fix the issue, dev is gonna need another overhaul at this point. The utility / survivability disparity between the two specs is insanely high.

If anything major is going to be done, I don’t see it happening before patch 10.2.

Dev is still very strong. Ignore the ignorant.


That’s what I was thinking. I’ve seen many devastation Evoker’s do well in content whether it be raid or +

They should double damage of devas…
Not sure why they implemented a 2nd dps spec to that class, it’s obvious this would happen. When a dps spec overperform a season, you are pretty much stuck with that one…
If Aug had been a tank instead of dps, we would not have this issue.
Now maybe they should transform devas into a tank spec. LoL

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I mean, play Aug or just dont queue, welcome to the Life of every single DK DPS and DK Tank all xpac and they weren’t crying. some classes aren’t as good as others it happens, at least you have 2 specs of the 3 that are sought after and wanted, some classes don’t even have a single spec people want.

find a new guild.

Dude, make your own groups.

Yeah to mirror other people here, your guild is legit trash if that’s how they react to the meta.

The more strictly a guild adheres to fotm swings, the worse they typically are-- ESPECIALLY this late in a season lol.

As far as keys, I ask “you guys want dev or Aug?” when I join a group, and with literally only two exceptions, they say “whichever one you want to play”, so given that we have anecdotally opposite experiences, the reality probably lies somewhere in the middle. That, or it’s my willingness to play either that makes people open to me playing what I want, idk.

I immediately found augmentation more boring than playing BM hunter and we had two others willing to play it, so I went back deva and I’m blasting and no one cares which spec I am. Even if we didn’t have any other augs, our guild mindset is that someone on their spec of choice shows up to raid and is enjoyable to have around.

Find a new guild in the guild finder.

It is odd they would bring in and let aug be so strong and give no buffs to devo.

Though in a key last night not played devo in a while and the ability to hit 395k AOE DPS on packs at ilvl 425 seemed fine, though also had an aug in the group.

Wasn’t about to be a two aug team lol

I echo what the others said about finding a new guild and/or group of friends. I’ve stuck to prot pally since forever, meta (start of this season?) or not (every time else).

Even in my usual group it’s me, ret, hpriest, havoc, and an evoker (up to him whichever spec he wants to play). We’re more casual though, basically stopped pushing after getting all the portals

I played a ret for most of this season and while I did get declined a lot I could still find groups. So could my friends that play other “non-meta” classes. I think there’s a bit of a over exaggeration for the “I can never get into groups” crowd. When I que I go through throw out 5 applications wait 30 sec to a min and if I don’t get invited I cancel them, after about 5-10 minutes of doing this (most times less) I have almost always found a group. It’s not always a great group but I do get into one that I applied for. On the switch side of things when making a group I rarely even get to run with the meta (excluding myself who towards the end ran holy to wrap up 2500), I’ll take anyone with a similar rating with keys cleared near to mine. My friends are the same. I know my story is purely anecdotal but it’s just something that I haven’t noticed be a galactic issue despite the complaints about it. Especially when just farming crests. Not to say what your saying is completely false or anything like that. However There are def plenty of non meta groups that wouldn’t mind at all having a 2500 deva 443 ilvl come along especially for some 16 crest farming.

I feel you. I’ve been leveling my Evoker with the idea I wanted to main Devastation for this expansion, and I’m ALREADY being told how I’m wasting my time and should switch to Augmentation….

Blizzard really screwed everyone when they made a spec designed to boost other specs. How could ANY spec compete with that? You’re basically asking the entire group to do less damage so you can play something else. Nobody will agree to that

Oh well. Shadow priest is in a nice spot and that’s my all time favorite spec so I think I’m going to just be a shadow priest this expansion

I get the frustration. I am fine with playing Aug if that is what is needed but it is not a fun spec to play.

Hopefully things get a little better for you. I would suggest finding a set group to play Dev in rather than relying on pugs.

I’m deeply proud of you for knowing what you love and sticking to it. All three Evoker specs are my favorites in the game right now. But the more I play Aug, the more I miss Dev. Aug was really fun in the beginning but it got a bit stale for me. I’m inching my way toward maining devastation because it’s so much more fun.

I won’t have your issue because I’ll be doing content around the 424 ilvl range, but it would irk me too. I’d probably interview with guilds and see if I can find somewhere to lend my Dev talents to. Ask them up front “I main Devastation and I do not want to play Aug, would I be glossed over for runs?” Maybe they just so happen to be that one guild that doesn’t give a turd about meta comps yet still complete the harder content.

Either way good luck, friend. Hope you get to show Azeroth just how fierce you are.

I’m with this 100%. I convinced my buddy who got the legendary after his evoker existed 24 hours (yeah, I know) to roll Aug for mythic and our other dev player went Aug too, so I’m free to play dev which is the best. Aug bored me more than when I had to main BM in nyalotha, which is saying a LOT.

I will swap to Aug for the occasional 20-22 depending on comp but I’ve had very little experience with people being against me playing dev in content.