Auction House

What happens to items in the AH when TBC goes live - both for people staying in classic and those moving on. How do you keep track of what belongs to who. Will old classic 's AH be empty?

Nothing will be in the AH, as they will be closing that on the 14th.


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Didn’t see that. Thanks for the link. I would have been in a world of hurt.

AH doesnt run during holidays

OP is right. If the Classic AH could have items in it when the game split into 2 games, there would have to be all sort of complicated rules about which characters get what and so on.

This clever idea is much simpler: the AH is closed for a few days. All auctions expire sooner. Any mail from the AH can be opened before the split. But no worries if you forget to get mail – Blizzard has already said that your mail will be cloned.

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