Auction House Updates

With hotfixes earlier today that are in place on all realms, we’ve implemented updates to address Auction House service issues on the largest Burning Crusade Classic realms.

In today’s hotfixes update later, you’ll see them listed like this:

Auction House

  • Implemented settings changes intended to lower the time it takes to search the Auction House.
  • Players who list, bid, buy out, or cancel a very large number of auctions may now incur a delay between consecutive actions.

As before, we’re paying very close attention to the Auction Houses, and we’ll make further adjustments as necessary.


How about an update on the honor situation? As it stands pre-patch players with 75K honor banked will have an arena lead that is insurmountable, and will allow for extremely easy gladiator+ rankings that were earned through bug abuse more than skill.

A solid suggestion is to move the 5 piece set to reputation vendors instead of costing honor, which still maintains the incredible grind for the off-set items.

There are also many suggestions and evidence that current honor values are significantly lower than intended (I’m certain you’ve seen several threads regarding this) .

This should be addressed before the beginning of the arena season, to maintain any sort of integrity/parity in the arena system.


that’s a great idea.
so it was the people spamming auctions of 1 cloth who caused this mess -.-


Or it was people using an addon that did that. The player wanted to sell 200 cloth, and did 1 click. The addon turned that into 200 sales of stacksize 1, without telling the player it was doing that.

Now the thing will go slow, and the player will notice. Maybe the player will even figure out how to change the stack size.


Thanks for fixing this issue. It was very irritating.

If this fix doesn’t work that well, please consider using the current Retail AH.


Post on the honor situation please

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What’s the honor situation? Queues are instant for me and I’m getting a nice amount of honor per hour.

Not to be negative nancy, but weren’t these bandaids (and then some) tried on retail when it had same probelm and it still didn’t really solve it until super aggressive action was taking (such as huge fees for depositing stacks of 1) that cluttered and slowed Ah in first place.

I’m not too confident these changes will do much. Not to mention they are still bandaids. just port the AH rewrite to BCC. times change, people are far more active on AH than they were in 2007. They need a modern AH for modern needs. It’s just a good #somechanges


#somechanges pls


All evidence points to them not having the technical expertise on staff :man_shrugging:


Auctionator says on the post screen “_____ stacks of _____” where you fill out what you want. If you type “229” stacks of “1” the post button itself changes to “Create 200 auctions.” I’m not sure what else it could do to “tell the player” what it was doing. Most of these huge numbers of single stacks were/are deliberate.

Imgur link


Thank you for the fix, and most importantly the WHY of what was happening.

Hopefully those micro amount multi-list spammers cease their BS. Clogs up everything, and apparently has been the source of the slowdown.


What is considered a “very large number of auctions” here? I have 200-300 auctions, a majority of which are cloth, leather, meat, ore, etc in full stacks.

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Because of the trash UI of the AH by default, the stacks are sorted by lowest price total. Sometimes people only want 3 when there are stacks of 20 only.

People fill the demand of ideal stack sizes, and the ability to post all my cloth in X number of 1/2/5/10/20 is entirely my prerogative to meet the demand of players and offer unique price points for bulk discounts or cheapest total price of buyout to surface to players sorting by cheapest.

It does actually suck to configure that, as much as it sucks for the performance impact, but the real solution here is to literally bring in the new auction house on retail. AH improvements do not affect gameplay of the authentic classic experience and the new AH makes it easy for buyers and sellers to properly price and post and buy everything at all times.

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What about those of us who arent 70 yet and wont be for a few weeks, and have no honor banked? Are we basically SOL for pushing rating in Arenas at this point?


If they don’t change the honor grind your chance to get gladiator (irrespective of skill) if you play a class that depends on pvp gear is extremely close to 0.

Still impossible to buy runecloth on Mankrik. But I like the effort. Maybe when the existing 42 pages expire it’ll speed up.

If you are not yet 70 and have no honor banked:

If they don’t change the honor grind your chance to get gladiator (irrespective of skill) if you play a class that depends on pvp gear is extremely close to 0.

I play a disc priest and certainly do depend on pvp gear to succeed. I wont be 70 for weeks due to IRL commitments. I am not pushing for R1, but I’d like to reach 2050 for the weapon, maybe Duelist. So you are saying basically not even worth it at this point?