Auction House Updates

blizzard should ban stacks of cloth less than 20 from being sold. stop cloggin the auction house


I hate the retail AH. On classic I can post stacks of various sizes to meet demand and still get a sale hours later just because I had a neat stack size someone wanted. On retail if you don’t get a sale within 60 seconds you’re not selling any because of people/bots constantly cancelling and reposting thousands of items to be first in line again.



Can you buff honor rates now thanks

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The retail AH bites.




The retail AH does not allow me to make money in the same way the TBC era AH does.


So when will the ability to cancel an auction – after a bid has been placed on said auction – be removed?

This also addresses multiple listings of a single Netherweave for 1C with a 100G buyout.


Yes they are, because they sell better in stacks of 1 than in stacks of 20.

Honor grind updates when?

If you allow arena to go live in the current state rating will correlate with amount of honor ground during pre-patch and nothing else.

Instead of throttling the AH or introducing the Retail system, please allow addons to request data for more than 50 auctions at a time. If someone searches for Netherweave Cloth, they’d only need one search request instead of one for every 50 netherweave cloth auctions. This would dramatically reduce the stress on the AH.
You can think of the current system as the AH getting DDoS attacked with search requests. This change would fix that.

Throttling or introducing the retail AH isn’t a good approach to “fix” this. Please consider an alternative approach:

The reason the AH is as slow as it is on higher pop realms is that there are simply too many players. Layering allowed Blizzard to have more players on one realm, but since this does not apply to the AH, the AH became a bottleneck.

Twice the number of players doesn’t mean twice the number of search requests though. Since the number of auctions each player has to search through also doubles, the number of search requests actually quadruples. That’s why things get so bad so quickly.

But we can’t change the server sizes now. So what can be done to fix the performance issues?

We saw Blizzard take this same approach of throttling the AH in retail. And while it works to some degree, it makes the experience of playing the AH a lot worse.

There is a much better approach though and I am not sure why nobody is talking about this:

Allow addons to request data on all auctions matching the search filters all at once, instead of splitting it into chunks of 50.
Right now, if there are 789 auctions for Netherweave Cloth and someone searches the AH using an AH addon (or even manually), the AH gets bombarded with 16 search requests, because you have to flip through 16 pages of auctions.

If AH addons could simply request all that information with one search request, this would make things much faster and dramatically reduce the stress on the AH servers.
While this one search would be bigger than each of the smaller 16 searches, it would be much faster and smaller than the sum of the 16 searches combined. It saves on a lot of overhead.

A while ago, I believe it was during BfA, Blizzard actually introduced a bug where adding the “Usable” filter to a search did just this. When you added “Usable” to a search, the AH would return all search results at once, instead of splitting it into chunks of 50.
This made things so much faster. It was so good that addons like TSM even incorporated it into their code. When ever possible, they’d add “usable” to their searches and it sped things up considerably. Until they “fixed” it eventually.

If Blizzard allowed addons to request all the data at once, or even just the data for 500 auctions instead of 50 at once, this would dramatically reduce the number of search requests that the AH servers have to deal with.

This would speed up the AH for everyone, without throttling people and ruining the experience of people who enjoy playing the Classic style AH.

On the forums here there are people who are calling for Blizzard to implement the Retail style AH in Classic to “fix” the situation.

But implementing the Retail AH is not a fix. It would absolutely ruin Classic for me and a lot of other people who enjoy Classic because of the old AH system. I know not everyone cares about the AH and people want #SomeChanges, but this would completely ruin it for me.

I enjoy PvP, the old world and talents, but the main reason I enjoy Classic is the old AH system. I absolutely love it. You actually need to think about what stacksizes people might want - you can even charge a premium for convenience.
I love being able to offer my materials at two price points at the same time by offering a lower bid.
I love that even when you get undercut you still get some sales because you offer a convenient stacksize.

The retail AH system takes all of that away. Stacksizes don’t matter. You can’t offer lower bids for stackable items. The only way to sell something is to be the cheapest. Get undercut a minute after logging out? Your auction cannot sell unless it’s actually the cheapest.

The throttling Blizzard just introduced is already bad enough and makes posting, cancelling or buying large numbers of auctions a pain.
But I am scared that this is just the first step towards them introducing the Retail AH in Classic as their “fix”.

Please, Blizzard, do not introduce the retail AH in Classic or keep this throttling in place. Instead, please consider allowing addons to request data on more than 50 auctions per search request.

Thank you!


you think blizzard, with all of it’s engineering/development excellence, is unable to figure this out?!

(just kidding, those morons should probably pay you for this info)

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What will happen (and this is from a decade of playing high rated pserver arena)

  1. Players with pre-patch honor will completely dominate and get to high/gladiator rankings as nobody is able to compete with them, during the first 2-3 weeks of the season which always have the highest player counts. These players will be the earliest to get season 1 gear as they have the most arena points and the cycle will continue.

  2. Players who got to these high ratings will stop queueing and sit on glad, the arena playerbase will stagnate with every passing week as people are dissuaded by the disgusting honor situation and getting rolled by players with far superior gear.

  3. due to a lack of players (and thus a lack of new rating into the pool) arena ratings will deflate, allowing the players in group 1 to sit on their easy gladiator ratings.

Without any changes 70%+ of gladiator teams will be decided in the first month, and arena activity will quickly stagnate and die.


Wrong thread, bro.

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This is a bit strange to me. I understand punishing people from abusing AH mechanics (the listing and cancelling parts) but what is the logic in punishing people from buying things on the AH?

honestly, bg and arena pvp have always been a problem. the best, purest form of pvp will always be world pvp. we need to get back in touch with our roots. we need to just fight each other in the world again

bots are doing all sorts of crazy crap, including buying out thousands of auctions a minute. the AH just can’t keep up with them all

That makes sense. Buying out all of a particular item in order to increase demand. Thanks for the reply.

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Niceeeee now it takes 9 times to cancel all my auctions, meanwhile buying things still super slow hahaah good job engineers

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Can we please get a “Block Seller” option? That would go a long way in handling all the bots and gold sellers that run rampant.


By scamming people when you post 1 cloth for 900g?

lol, nope.

My bid price is always the same as my buyout price and I never post above market value.

I’m sorry you weren’t paying attention and bought that linen for 900g though. That must have been VERY upsetting.