Auction House Issues on Some Burning Crusade Classic Realms

We’re aware of issues with the Auction House on some realms. This includes lag that some players are experiencing as well as the behavior of posting excessive single items to overwhelm the Auction House.

We’re working to address these issues.


Thank you, Kaivax, for the update.


I’d suggest permabanning the people who multiple post stuff like single leathers, etc. They annoy me and should be destroyed.

you should think about switching the AH to the retail one


If there’s one thing I’ll sing praises for in Retail, it’s the AH.


I think the easier solution to this will be to implement the new retail AH in Classic too. There is a reason why it got overhauled… Old classic AH simply cannot handle our auction traffic.

And im 99% sure that only a few people will be against it… we are way past the nochanges phase.


Modern AH please
(by modern i mean the one which we have in shadowlands, shouldnt be hard to implement considering we’re using shadowlands client and everyone will be happy)


Real talk. Just bring the modern AH to Classic. best of both worlds and you fix the problem.

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Just give us the token already on classic. I’ve had so many guild members quit because they can’t fathom farming 5k gold for epic flying. Just give us tokens and let us pay you.

You guys should implement the current Retail AH if possible. You probably wont get much pushback if any.

If your questing, once you hit 70 you have about 1.5k gold from raw quests. If you level through mostly dungeons you easily have 5k gold if you do all the quests in TBC. Not to mention the reputation gains from remaining quests on top of the gold.

Also gold will come easier with dailies. Right now my hunter is almost 68, I got the gold I needed to buy epic riding and the 100% speed mount and I have 600g right now on my character. Once the dark portal opened I had only 20g on me because Sulfuras dropped for me on my draenei shaman and I spent all my gold assembling it. I’ve also been selling all netherweave cloth I’ve been getting (since ive maxed first aid) and motes/primals the 20 netherweave I usually get 5g for on the AH and motes/primals vary.

My point is, we don’t need the WoW token.

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I’m fairly #nochanges - against dual spec, dungeon finder, and most other proposed changes.

I’m fine with bringing retail AH if that resolves things. Though as far as I’m concerned the original AH interface was a bug that simply wasn’t fixed for years anyway.

Ya the retail AH is just a godsent, I don’t use any AH addons anymore with it since its so easy to use.

As for Dungeon Finder we won’t be getting it in TBC (unless Blizz does something stupid) rather the Group Finder in Retail which is just the Premade group finder section. So much user friendly than the old TBC interface. Which I hope we get ASAP with Guild Banks. Especially in Phase 2 with some resist gear for tanks.

But a lot of people want it. The tomen, like paid boosts, has been quite popular in retail. It’s probably a matter of time before they hit Classic.

funny how this never seem to effect the classici AH

The WoW Token would be detrimental to Classic, the only reason why people want it is to compete with the gold sellers/buyers. Blizz needs to ban gold sellers and the buyers. As we saw today people buying gold (seemed to be 5k gold for epic flying) were suspended for 3 days and lost the gold and their epic mount.

There needs to be more crackdown on those who buy gold with removal of the gold, suspension period, and removal of items they bought with the gold.

If they introduce the token in Classic I’d no longer be playing Classic and will go back to FFXIV. The only reason why I’m subscribed is for TBCC.

That’s a bit reductive.

Some folks use tokens to buy gametime with their in-game currency… in fact, they wouldn’t work if that wasn’t the case.

Yes some do, but I think the benefits of the token are not enough to outweigh the damage it would cause to Classic.

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Retail is dead to me, which explains why I’m about to ask you this question.
What did retail do to the AH that would fix the headache we have now?
I’m genuinely curious, as I have not touched retail in years and have no plans to ever again. Anything that would fix the problems we are having now would be great lol.

then ure delusional