Auction house changes, yay or nah?

I say No. I would definitely say I am NOT in the top 10% of AH users even on my server. I just craft pvp gear and other items needed with professions and post them. This limited me after 12-13 auctions… that is ridiculous. If you craft any of the current PvP stuff that is easily more than that. What a really stupid idea this was.

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Nah - I think the throttling is overtuned and is kicking in without even using addons really.

Meh. I don’t care about this change. It doesn’t affect me and sounds like it doesn’t affect the 99% of you. If it helps me unload my crap better because all the people with addons have a hard time, even better.

Most of my play time involves crafting consumables and cosmetics to sell on the AH right now. Sometimes I’ll get into a kick doing PvE/PvP/pet battles, but currently most of my time is spent making gold by crafting. I currently have hundreds of transmog items, glyphs, etc. that I crafted myself that I now cannot list on the auction house because of this change.

I had planned to start Shadowlands by gathering and crafting while everyone else was busy leveling, as I don’t currently have any ambitions to get ahead in PvE next expansion. If this change remains I see no reason to remain subbed, and I see no reason to pull my hair out trying to get these items listed to be available for people on my server to buy; for a lot of these items I’m the only one posting them, so I guess people who want these things will have to figure it out for themselves.


So this is my experience with the new “budget”.
the way I earn gold is simple: i have 6 toon’s at 120lvl, so i have every profession at its max lvl too.
I do craft uncanny 400 gear from every profession, which net me around 480 to 600 different itens.
when I do my ‘post scan’ i can only post 30 of my 480-600 uncanny gear.
will i ever cancel scan those ? NOP, ill never cancel scan, filling up the AH with stuff, waiting for it to expires, and just keep posting and instacutting everyone, because i have 10 of each piece of unccany gear.
im messed up, yeah im messed up, BUT, will I stop insta cut ? NOP, i wont. the avg player still wont sell.
PLUS, now that i know that blizz think this is an ‘QOL hotfix’ ill just make sure to do everything i can to make avg players life even harder.

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Just wanted to note here that we’ve been following threads like this one closely, looking for feedback that leads us to tuning adjustments on the throttle, and we’ve already tested something like a dozen tuning adjustments.

What we’re looking for the most is detailed feedback on your experiences in the AH recently. We really appreciate everyone who’s taken the time to share their specifics.

One of those posts by a player yesterday gave us a clue about a bug we’ve been wanting to fix – the spinny yellow “wait” circle sometimes appearing when it shouldn’t. A software engineer was able to write a fix for that bug, which we’ll hopefully be able to implement into the game later.

Again – thank you!


Blizzard, stop making stupid knee jerk reactions that aren’t tested to things that are barely a problem. Just look at your spite trinket nerf and un-nerf over the last 2 weeks. You don’t think, you just act and break stuff. You have internal testing and ptr for a reason. You have lines of communication with your player base for a reason. Use them.


Brilliant, now if you could just remove it and get the engineers to actually just deal with the same amount of quires that they had to deal with back a year ago that would be sweet.

Thanks for the feed back though, I’m glad to know you guys are atleast watching these threads Please just give me my 2-3 hours back per day -_-


I’ll give specifics when specifics are warranted.
You guys are simply putting your head in the sand, saying ‘‘this is what we did’’ and aren’t remotely considering that perhaps this isn’t the route to take for whatever server specific issue you are having.


I wish i could provide you with “Detailed feedback on my experience in the AH”, but all i can say is i left my game running while tabbed out and watching youtube videos.

Thats how you use the auction with this arbitrary change.

I am not able to log off. i am not able to leave the auction until i finished posting everything i needed. Not able to actually play the game.


It already feels a little better, but I’ll have to wait until my stuff expires about 2 hours from now to really give feedback on it. I’ll report back in then.

Get rid of the LIFO system. You did this to yourself with this one ridiculous change. Let undercutting come back and there is no reason to list, watch, delist and relist at the same price to stay as the last one in the pile. If someone wants to relist at a lower price, at least the buyer saves a few copper or silver.


Once again is a proactive system the best system to use Blizz? Why not a reactive system that kicks in when someone is spamming a crapton of queries a second for multiple minutes? Wouldn’t that allow the hobbyists who sell lots of mats/potions/glyphs/ect. or the legacy transmog sellers not be affected by such a change while putting the screws to those that sit their all day and snipe/spam the AH with queries?

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Here is some feedback from a player who has been with you since release day in 2004.

This is an idiotic change that hurts many more people than it helps.

I spend most of my time in the game nowadays farming old content for transmog and other items to sell on the AH. I don’t use fancy tricks, etc. I don’t sit there sniping items all day. I don’t constantly cancel and repost (I hardly ever cancel any auctions since I have so many anyway).

I have THOUSANDS of items for sale though at any time since I love this game and (used to, now?) love farming old content. I’m on a low-population server—Ravenholdt—and I’m basically the only person listing most of the server’s transmog items. I’ve had MANY players contact me specifically asking if I’ve found X item that they’re looking for because they know if anybody has something like that up for sale on Ravenholdt, it’s probably me.

Even with TSM—an addon I love—a typical day BEFORE this change involved spending upwards of 2 hours just posting and/or reposting items. The auction house has ALWAYS been slow and primitive in WoW. But TSM made it bearable enough.

Now this throttling has reduced my posts to an utter crawl. Scanning and posting takes AGES. It took me multiple minutes to post just about a 100 items this morning, which is absurd. I’m dreading tomorrow when most of my auctions—which I set for 48 hours because, like I said, I hate cancelling and reposting takes forever anyway even before this change—are coming back then.

Transmog is not a “fast” seller because it relies on a certain player wanting to buy a certain item. It can be profitable when that item finally sells. But it requires reposting the item for many days in a row before that one player comes along to buy it.

All this change does is make me want to play the game less. I enjoy farming old content. I enjoy selling items. I get a lot of fun out of making gold and adding value to my server community by finding and selling items that most people lack the time to find.

But this change is so extremely painful, and posting is SO SLOW, that it’s made an already obnoxiously-slow auction house experience a million times worse. This is in no way hyperbole. I simply see little to no reason to waste my time if I cannot post items at a speed fast enough to allow me at least an hour or so to, you know, actually play the game instead of waiting for an INVISIBLE THROTTLE TIMER in the auction house all day long.

I rarely get annoyed by anything in WoW. I’ve always loved this game, since release. But this change literally destroys, by adding an invisible throttling timer that is obnoxiously long, what I still enjoy doing in the game: farming items and selling them on the auction house.

That’s my feedback. Hope you will listen and revert this insanity.



Yesterday the Brazillian and some US Realms WHICH ARE HOSTED IN THE SAME DATACENTER, Started lagging and delaying BADLY after said patch, and possibly because of the AH service chugging the entire band.

Why don’t you guys FOR ONCE go full Rambo on the botters + Multiboxers as ZoS did in ESO and Jagex did with OSRS?

Find some way that doesn’t punish your avg gold maker, the ones that DON’T cancel/post all day long.

There’s no reason we should be punished for spending 2-5 hours farming up mats to sell, or make into items to sell, or farming up things like mounts, and transmog, all to sell to people who don’t want to spend their time doing that.

It’s good to try to target the cancel/posters but putting a limit on EVERYTHING isn’t the way to do it. A very good change for most of your avg gold makers would just be to put a limit on canceling, not scanning or posting as canceling is the real problem. They’re CONSTANTLY scanning to cancel.


I tried to be constructive and detailed here:

However, I also mentioned another option: Delay when cancelling.

Would this be a possible alternate option to address the issue? Or are the dev’s set on the throttling approach?

The reason I ask is that it seems like this would address the impact to the players not targeted, but impacted while only impacting the targeted greedy goblins.

Also - could we understand what “reasonable expecations” the devs have for the number of posts/searches players “should” be making? (especially with dual crafters and xmog/pet sellers in mind)


I am all for reducing the effectiveness of auction house add-ons. Not very realistic to have players or bots scanning the AH constantly day and night. Playing the auction house should require a little more effort. I am not sure if this change does that, but it would be nice to end up there.

It wouldn’t be a little more effort… it’d equate to me getting from Pandaria to Northrend while RP walking. Addons have been a thing for many years that streamline the process, that which even the current UI does horribly.

But of course. Inconvenience the rest so that you are content with yourself about your delusional perspective.


Fun had been detected, so hotfix was implemented.