Auction house abuse

I don’t post in singles either, I go through 10 pages of your single items to check for the lowest buyout and post my whole stack with a small undercut of the buyout price like a normal person.

golf glap Good for you? Would you like a cookie?

Are you ok? I’m just voicing my opinion saying people that post 500 single items make it extremely annoying for a lot of people and your solution is for everyone to do it, which would only make it worse and a much better thing would be a sort by buyout option.

Also you make a joke and then proceed to tell me something that everyone already knows as well but don’t do on purpose because they don’t like being scumbags, which I thought you would have already picked up on in this thread but guess not.


I have a law degree, my reading comprehension skills are fine.

Objection! Assumes facts not in evidence!

Which diploma mill did you attend, son?

The University of Miami, still unsure if I actually want to practice and where if I do decide I want to haha—I don’t feel like taking three bar exams so I need to decide what state I actually want to live in.

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That’s okay.

We’ll use small words.



Yep. Not all retail changes were bad lol…

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Youre perfectly in your right to do so, but its obnoxious af, and I wish there was a way to ignore all of your posted items.

You can use a different addon. I use AUX personally. It seems to be much quicker, and (for me at least) much more intuitive. Of course, to each their own.

TSM lets you do this.

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That’s kind of the point. I know a lot of people don’t want to have to look past the 1st page so being the only option makes it more likely they’ll just buy from me. Also I try to keep my prices reasonable compared to the rest of the people selling the same items.

For anyone who missed it.


Use an addon like auctionator. If the AH was like retail it would never be a problem anyway.

This. That’s why the average market cost of starting level items and drops can average in the hundreds of gold (no, they aren’t die hard transmoggers, who could easily roll alts and mail out the starting gear)

I wonder why Blizzard cant write a script tracking the mail/AH of 100+ gold transactions to catch gold sellers more often.

Yes. I like Tradeskill Master, too

Blizzard literally had to revamp the auction house on retail in order to deal with people like you. Food for thought while you’re defending your actions. You’re abusing a flawed system with behavior that simply was not anticipated when it was created.

For what it’s worth, I literally never buy anything from those annoying first two pages of 1 item stacks. Firstly, I’m irritated that I have to skip past all of them in the first place. Secondly, the inconvenience of having to click and buy that many individual items and then do the same at my mailbox is just more trouble than I’m willing to put up with. And finally, I’d actually be paying more money for the irritation - that’s the whole reason you’re posting your items this way; they’re more expensive per item but “on the first page, lulz”. It’s just lose/lose/lose for me to ever buy your annoying single item postings.

You think I’m gonna buy individual eggs at the front of the grocery store, and spend more money, instead of just walking to the back and grabbing a carton of 12? GTFO.

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Pick one of the two:

  • Seethe over other people because they use the auction house in a way that pisses you off;
  • Use an addon that will let you bypass the thousands of 1 stack posts in AH

Why would people pick the 1st

Why not have a report function built in the auction house to report 1 item trolls and those “900 gold one silk cloth” sales made to trap players lmao

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