At this point it just seems like passive aggressiveness

As I’ve said before, this is a good change. Time to shuffle people out of old hubs like the Panda shrines and getting them into new (to avoid hissy fits by certain forum-goers, this means a new, collective portal room in the current capitals) places.

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The Wowhead article doesn’t mention if the teleport from the inn in Shattrath was gone. That one wasn’t a fixed portal but instead required you to ask for it from an NPC, and was gated behind Keepers of Time rep. So perhaps they just want us to earn our passage now.

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I feel like they probably don’t believe you. That the itch to complete or acquire something you’ve been trying to complete/aquire for however long will be enough to keep you playing.

Pure speculation of course…

But Why? Why?

I know there are other options. But as i said before.

In many cases you’d be right, the sunk cost fallacy is strong. But in this case not a chance. Spine is a MASSIVE pain in the wrist, and i mean that literally. I already skip it sometimes and i’m about ready to give up WITH the portal.


“We’re removing all portals. But don’t worry, we’ll put them all back… someday.” It’s like how surgeons remove hearts first then wait for a donor heart to become available.


shrug They have machines to keep your blood pumping in the meanwhile.

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I hear you dude. I totally get it.

I just feel like Activision are rolling the dice and hoping that the majority will complain vocally, before moving on to the next crisis and forgetting about it.

Meanwhile, those playtime metrics begin to creep higher…


That’s true.

I guess removing portals before putting in the portal rooms is more like giving your functioning car to charity today because a new model you want is coming out in a couple months.


Is there an official reason for these changes or is it all just speculation?


Close. A new model you want MIGHT be coming out soon TM


Not even that, because a NEW MODEL could probably do everything the OLD one could do.

In this case the New Model is incapable of driving South-east or South-West


There is currently no reason given for these changes. But they are happening.


Nope. Because an official reason would be some contrived bull that indicates they care more about their time-played metric than what players want.


And once again…

No one is talking about their hearth being set to these older areas. Time to get your head out of that tunnel and actually read.


2 words; Aboriginal Loincloth. :sunglasses:

I assume that they’re planning to monetize portals. I’ve played a few F2P games, and it’s common for Quality of Life features to be removed and then made available as microtransactions.

If I’m being honest, I probably would pay for these portals if they were put in the Blizzard Shop. I know that doing so would be foolish and would encourage them to monetize Quality of Life even more, but I’d pay.

Because there’s over a decade’s worth of portals all over the place. I look forward to seeing them concentrated in one location in each city.

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You don’t seem to get that they are removing portals and the concentrating the remaining portals in one place is a smokescreen to distract from that.


The world of gate craft is a different game that WoW used to be.

Now it’s just about maximizing your time to do tedious things. It’s not like having a portal room isn’t a good idea, it doesn’t have to be a zero sum where all others have to go away.

But we can’t have people making choices in the game.

People need to continue to make the choice to stop giving Blizzard their money to start with if they want any real meaningful change.