At this point in the game, the #change/#nochange movements are over

or "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times."

52 days and counting until release. Major beta testing is over. Classic content strategy and added mechanics have been presented and locked down.

Complaining about decisions won’t do anything but clog the forums. Suggesting new features is a waste of time. It is time for acceptance.

Look at me and my name: I am an embodiment of the #nochange movement. But I accept the game that will be delivered in 52 days and am looking forward to it. Maybe it will fall flat for me. Maybe it will decrease my daily sleep from 6 hours to 3. What will be will be. But it’s the game we are getting and thats the bottom line.

I guess what I’m saying is, that if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change.

Have you seen the AV Content Plan post? :rofl:

I have not, but I am intrigued. It’s not a sticky from what I can tell.

It was for some time. I’ll dig it up.

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I probably have it muted TBH

I didn’t waste my time with Rocky 4. The original was great.

Sometimes you just have to take a pass on a bad remake.

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Far less posts than I thought. But there’s been constant AV 1.5 demands since it was posted. They told us what we’re getting but it doesn’t help quieten anyone down.

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Oh here it is.

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Thanks. I’ve been away from the forums for a month or two and only got back in just recently with renewed interest in Classic. Must have missed the point where the sticky was up. Or I just wasn’t paying attention before…

either way you’re the real MVP, Eloraell.

This is why I made this post!

Ooooooooh, I thought there was a NEW development on that.

I seen that one.

Nah, they announced in March that we’re getting 1.12, and people still keep arguing against it.


I get it now. At first I thought you were commenting that complaints still caused changes even this late into development like some last minute pivot on AV like putting some NPCs back in or something, I believed it because I’ve been out of the loop for a while after a period of frequent posting.

But I just misinterpreted what you meant.

Still MVP.

But…out of all races you could have picked, you picked a panda >.> A…PANDA.

That is NOT VANILLA! Get outta here. #NOCHANGES! :panda_face: = :no_entry:

You must exist just to fan the flames huh. That’s all I see when you post. You’re like the best troll I’ve ever seen. Every comment of your I’ve read today just fanned the flames. You don’t want to be right. You want to cause chaos.

No, I was commenting on the topic, and that just because we know no more changes are happening doesn’t mean that people will stop complaining and demanding.

You however, posted on nothing relevant to the topic, and purely as a personal attack. Who’s the troll again?

How do you know it’s a bad remake if you didn’t watch it? :confused:

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Nope. #nochanges. Is this a test? lol.

They’ve still got time to iron things out. Clearly Blizz was curious about trying different approaches, as seen in the last stress test, adding a cd to layering (which means they know there’s serious issues it can cause) and so on.

It’s not over yet. There’s still a stress test coming up too which is gonna be really interesting. My guess is, after that one, they’ll shortly announce their plans on how they’ll approach release in a blue post, with all the details we’ve been asking here on the forums.

Exciting times for WoW! Anything could happen, really. Whatever they end up going with, i can’t wait to hear about it so i can prepare accordingly. But we all know what the right choice is…#nochanges :wink:

A trailer coupled with life experience.