At a loss for words

you are right you actually had to wait in an actual line outside at 12 am


So the only way to get Blizzard to fix their game is if nobody plays it.



lol I did, at EB Games. But I still had it installed and playing within 2 hours on a pretty high pop server at the time.


I’m not exactly sure what to do lol. I’ve been stuck at the same place in queue for an hour with no changes aside from being bumped by 2 people. Tried a second account and they’re also unbudging.

It’s launch day…

Sulfuras has a queue twice as long as Pagle, but Pagle has free transfers off and Sulfuras does not. How do I apply for a job I can get paid to do but mess up literally every aspect of?


It will be ok. im in 4+ hour que ima nap :slight_smile:

I love reading the forums at launch. Everyone is so violently pissed off


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Name other products you continue to support that do not function?

I know we did some twitch code emote for stupid and all but think about this real hard first.

20 years and players are still shocked.


Again: you think the only way to get blizzard to fix their problems is if nobody is paying them to do so.

Grats. That’s the dumbest take I’ve heard in a while.

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Have we all considered legal action… this is completely against consumer laws? They, like all of us knew this was coming. And not a single thing was done about. Contact your countries fair trading. We should be able to get complete refunds from the day we started playing… and hmmm, I"m feeling anxious and stressed out… may be more money involved in this. Stay tuned…


The queue is fake. This sheeit isn’t moving at all. Absolute bull crap


This is what I dont understand. I didnt even take a half day off today, because, well, that would be stupid to do that and expect to play. Granted I did get right in…

Its the same as the “pro-rate our sub fee for maintenance down time” threads every tuesday…like how many times as a child did you have to touch a stove to learn its hot and burns and to not do it…did someone have to pull you away and restrain you to learn on your own?

some people, i swear, i wish i knew how they stayed fed and functional on their own.

If I wanted that I would go stand outside of a game stop in the snow at midnight to get the DVD to install it and have it crash from 1am to 6am… I would pass out around 2pm the next day and wish that I would just die already

Never… NOT ONCE… ANY other game have I had this bad of a time. Blizzard one of the longest standing mmo companies STILL doesn’t know how to run/manage their own game.


Seems like the same issues hasn’t prevented 20 years of paying a sub.

Did the child pay for a service to touch the stove? Idiotic analogy… the point is, this could have been avoided at a cost our subscriptions have been paying for at the very least.

When youre addicticed to something youll take it

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