Asmon is making 100s of viewers spam Report BOTS

you can’t really reason with these people Seven.

They make $35k/year and just really really really triggered that Asmon makes more in 1 month than their family’s combined income in a year … playing a video game.


What’s it like?

What’s it like hate someone that much? The dude is shining a spot light on the botting problem to thousands of people right now.

That’s nothing but a net positive for the community.


Personal opinion which is irrelevant, try again

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I don’t watch his show or whatever you want to call it but just from reading about him on the forums over the years he does not seem like a bad person… just annoying.

But, he followers are 10x more annoying than he is.


lol your retort is that we’re poor. It’s clear why people like you follow Asmon like a cult.


The fact that he screams and belittles other people over videogames.
But don’t worry, I was an idiot too, a long time ago. Hopefully you’ll grow out of it too.


That makes someone a terrible human being? Lol.


Funnily enough I witness more NPC-like behavior (repeating of the same talking points, stuck in the same thought patterns) coming from Asmongold and Preach haters on GD than anyone who likes them.


So basically a normal forum goer here? Lol :wink:

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He’s a very opinionated person who isn’t scared to speak his mind. This has led to him having opinions people disagree with.

His most “offensive” opinion is his stance on LFR and LFD and how both are terrible for the game. And ever since clips of those opinions shifted across the community, he’s had a large growing community of people who hate the guy.

He puts on an act for his stream, a very eccentric personality. But if anyone took a minute to see his actual off-stream opinions and personality from his vlog channel, they’d find he’s a very mellow and informed guy who wants to make the community better.

That is the nature of Twitch unfortunately. No one wants to hear mellow informed opinion. They want to see angry balding man getting angry at not getting his mount.


How much gold we talkin about per run?


Sick and zero damn excuse from Blizzard management doe this crap to go on … it wouldn’t be hard to have a GM character or tools and go sit outside this dungeons and zones to banned this bots … just lazy poor management or purposely allowing the bots to keep going

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Asmonbald hehe


Just curious, why is asmond so hated? What makes him an awful human being

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Dont be purposely ignorant


More? Probably not. But sure why not? Don’t see how that’s relevant.

I think they done the math where if the bots are running all day they can make like $2,000 a day or something. I’m not positive how accurate that is though.

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So errr…making fun of someone for having less mounts than you makes that person a terrible human being? The fact of the matter is it is even more hilarious when you realize that this usually only occurs during things like mount offs or transmog comps where people basically volunteer for him to judge them. Sure he has some hot takes as well. You can disagree with that all you want, but it in no way makes him a terrible person. You just don’t find his personality for his streams entertaining :woman_shrugging:

This as well.


He even went on a talk with Doctor K in front of thousands of people and had a discussion about what “Zack” wants, and what “Asmongold” wants.


they would rather break the auction house than fix bots.