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How will old raids and world bosses scale with the new level cap? Will they all be level 50 which will make them difficult to farm for transmog/mount hunters?

Is there any intent to change Mythic+ to be more casual-friendly, instead of an esports raider io grind?

Will we eventually see non-bipedal races, such as Naga, Centaur, Dryad/Keeper of the Grove, etc., as new, future Core Races, or Allied Races? I would like to see the Naz’dorei concept, for Playable Naga, as a Neutral Race, and their Elf form would be Night Elf (if chosen Alliance) or Blood Elf (if chosen Horde).

This is assuming they don’t cover it in the deep dive.

How will the level squish affect our lower level characters? If I have a level 48 toon when SL goes live, will it be 48 and I level it to 50 then hit the SL content, or will it scale down to a much lower level and continue at the same pace?

And can you explain how the pacing of leveling will change moving forward?

Is anything being done with the advanced AI? Will we see it used in the Tower of the Damned?

Why can’t worgen players choose between the old and new running animations? Many players do not enjoy the new animation quality at all.


Would you consider Paragon Reputation for The Darkmoon Faire?

Are Allied Race Death knights eligible to receive their heritage armor if I level from 55 to 110 with that race?

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Will Worgen and Goblins get new character customization options, despite recently gaining their own newly-revamped models? How about Pandaren, whom have not been touched since the launch of Mists of Pandaria?

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Can we get a behind the scenes look at how the cinematics team produce them?

Will DeathKNights be more powerful or get a bonus to it in the Shadowlands seeing their power comes from it?

Will Eversong Woods, Ghostlands, Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles, ever be revamped, to allow flying mounts in them, and connect them to the rest of Azeroth, as a whole?


With the leveling squish what level will DH and DK start at? Also will heirlooms still be in the game?

Are we ever going to get account wide storage of any sort and make more things account wide?

I have a guild bank alt because my banks at one point during BfA were full, across 4 characters. I needed to send all my mats over to my bank for storage, my gold is held there so I don’t spend it all in error or unnecessarily, including all my goblin gliders and anything I am saving to sell in 9.0.

Having to swap to my bank to send a character some pet tokens, gold across the 4 120’s I use, mats for professions, anything I store basically, it is a pain to have to do so.

I also think it is about time to make achievement points account wide and more progress allowed to be made to certain aspects. Having to re-farm everything on a new alt is nothing but cumbersome and only slows down players from wanting to play alts.

Look currently at essences, the amount of players who just don’t play alts now compared to what they used to is too much, we need the game to be more alt friendly and more things to make it easier to play alts.

At least allow us an easier way to play an alt, like reputation grinds, if we cannot have account wide reputation, than at least allow us to have an easier grind for any alt we play.

Secondly I would like to ask about flying, are we really going to continue with pathfinder?

At the very least instead of just “Grind X rep and story line quests”, give us some fancy quest line that we can complete at our own leisure and than allow us to fly as soon as we have it. Place restrictions if you must like slower flying for the first part with an upgrade later available, but don’t force us to wait 11 months again like we did in BfA.

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Any idea how character boosts will work in shadowlands? I still have a 110 boost (and now a 120 boost). With the level squish how will these work? Boosts to level 50…?

Covenants make separation of performance (and appearance)
That is a big problem for people who have multiple roles in one class.
Are developers thinking about solutions for them?
Or is it meaningless so much that there is no point in sticking to the choice?

At L10, what I am understanding is we’ll pick an expac to level through. What if I want to start Hellfire in BC, then move to Borean Tundra in WotLK, then to zones in MoP and Legion?

What will happen to the starting zones like Gilneas, the Wandering Isle, and Kezan? As they are instanced, and some people actually like rolling new characters in order to experience them again, will we be able to keep those? Or are they gone too?

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When will Allied Races, such as the four, original ones, being Void Elf, Nightborne, Lightforged Draenei, and Highmountain Tauren, get new character custiomization features? Nightborne are the least customizable, and Lightforged Draenei could at least use the Monk class, which would make it so that EVERY race (both Allied and non-Allied Races) be able to become Warriors, Hunters, Death Knights, AND Monks!

With the level squish, will we still be able to farm old raid content?

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