Ashkandi news

So…I like to make videos and streams regarding the server I’m playing on. It’s been a while since I’ve made anything like that but if yall wouldn’t mind here is a vague rough draft of what I had in mind:

PvP stats (Horde–>Alliance–>Overall)

The top 10 in the current standings
the trend of each player’s honor grind(how much per day, week, etc.}
The top 10 highest ranks(Horde, Alliance)
The predicted next ranks for said top 10 based on each player’s honor grind trend
New people taking over the top 10, people falling out of the top 10
AV and WSG average queue times for both factions
maybe some nice pvp clips recorded from certain players for entertainment

PvE stats (Horde–>Alliance–>Overall): This more specifically for when BWL comes out and beyond

Current progress of the guild
Congrats on a boss being down
Current statistical information (Average HPS per boss, DPS per boss, strats that the guild used etc.)

Guild Recruitment(Horde and Alliance side): This more along the lines of if they either wish to give me that info or give me permission to say it on the video

name of the guild
what classes are needed
what specs are needed
expectations and gear needed

Some guild shout outs and congrats for gear(Ashkandi, Hand of Rage, TF, etc.) and rank(HWL, GM, WL, Marshal, etc.).

Auction house trends for both horde and alliance(popular items and their costs on average for the week)

It’ll roughly be about 10-15 mins long depending on how much is going on in the server. I may add on or take out some stuff as time goes by but im just kinda using it as a way to build morale and keep the game entertaining and motivating for all. Let me know what yall think about this idea. I mean im gonna do it regardless but if theres something else you want to have in there that would make you watch, let me know.

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I really like this idea. Lot of work on your end but people will definitely appreciate it. I have a small YT channel myself, but out of 16k subscribers, only about 2 or 3 care about wow lol. I don’t really PvP anymore so clips from there won’t happen, but if we have anything hilarious / stupid happen during raid I’ll be sure to clip it and link to you.

I’d watch the fish out that! Drop the link to the channel!