Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve in the Weeks to Come

I just want to make sure I’m reading this correctly:

So let’s say I have an alt(s) in my account that I don’t play for a while. In a month or two, I decide that I’m a bit done with my current class and want to reroll. Are you saying I’ll be able to catch up my cape level to where my main is? I just want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly before I offer my thoughts on it.

Yes and no. The introduction, from everything I’ve surmised, gets you to rank 5. Then, the first weekly upgrade is available week 1 for you to get rank 6. Now, say it’s Week 6, and your cloak on your main is now at rank 11. Your alt will go through the same introduction and have their cloak at rank 5. They can not work through the upgrade quests, which will be available 1 at a time, until they catch up.

So, say they get the cloak to 5, and are able to enter 4 additional visions on their first week. They could get their cloak to rank 9 in their first week. The following week, your main would get their cloak to 12, and if your alt is able to enter 3 Visions that week, they would have the 3 quests available to allow them to also reach rank 12.


Okay, so essentially it is allowed, but still limited based on how much of the visions you’re able to run on that toon at any given time?

Hmm…It’s better than nothing, but it’s not much.

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oh I am so happy about this

I haven’t been able to login yet (not at home). I was wondering, how do we pronunciate this word?

Ash jra ka mas



Someone once said that classic WoW is a sandbox game. This thought changed my perspective and now I spend half my time wandering around doing whatever, and the other half doing quests. Just roaming around the world without any daily or weekly deadlines or mission tables is pretty relaxing. (My main’s a level 50-something tauren shaman, and I have a bunch of lowbies cruising on rested exp bonus.)

That said, I did go roll a pandaren dk and /roar and /laugh. Then someone there zapped me with a turkey wand. And now I have a turkey death knight with a ferocious roar. I will come back around in 10 weeks when the last of the expansion timegates are gone.

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Correct. Essentially, if you were to start from today, rank 15 of the cloak (Max rank before you start upgrading just it’s corruption resistance) would take 10 total weeks, including this week.

If you were to start on the week that rank 15 becomes available, you could achieve rank 15 within 3 weeks (or 2 if you really put your nose to the grindstone). There is technically an unlimited supply of the currency needed to enter the Heroic Visions, it’s just that your major sources are from Assaults and the daily Minor Visions. Outside of this, you must gather incrementally small amounts (5, 15, 25) to get another 10k currency.

EDIT: For anyone that might see this later, I’m updating with my new understanding of the system after a week. The catch, while it presents you the opportunity to have all the quests available, won’t necessarily allow you to catapult all the way up to 15 in 3 weeks. While it provide you with more access to the earlier levels, you will hit multiple points along the progression of the Cloak where you will have to run more than 1 Vision to get the necessary items to complete your upgrade quest.

In reality, this means that you won’t actually be able to catch up much once you reach these points (as some could potentially take 3-5 runs from what I’m seeing). There are times where you could get a slight bit ahead thanks to the catchup (say an upgrade quest takes 2 runs, you could start on the next one with your 3rd vessel).

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Thank you for clarifying. I do hope that a few months down the road Blizzard will consider doing something akin to Artifact knowledge, where after Rank 15 each vision clear is a bit more valuable to you in lower levels. Just so that way it’s not something like having to wait a month just to get close to relative power.

If you do a vision while at cap, will you get upgrade item for next weeks quest? or should we save vessels until upgrades are available?

If you haven’t liked this game in the last 15 years, then you probably won’t start liking it this patch, yeah. Shocker.

I thought it was pronounced, “Broke’engineering”

Perhaps a hotfix to allow our cape tinker to go on shoulders or chest might fix the pronounciation.

Can you explain how people are to catch up if they failed at killing thrall when they are still limited to 3 ish visions per week?

Well you can’t miss the daily chores of collecting visions, obviously!

All joking aside, I too am a bit confused how someone would catch up without the 30k coalescing visions they missed for that week they didn’t play.

The catch up happens after week one, when everyone who is caught up can only gain one rank, someone who is behind can get 3 or more depending on how much they grind.

Edit: And how far behind they are on their quest chain

No. You can only obtain the quest item if you have the quest. You will easily get enough to get 3 vessels each week though, so not much of a benefit in saving them thanks to the one upgrade per week limitation.

The catchup exist such that upgrade quests build up in availability. So, say you mess up on week 2 and fail all of your Horrific vision runs. When week 3 comes around, you will have access to both week 2 and week 3’s upgrade quest (although you can only do one at a time).

You can get 3 entries per week with minimal effort. Lets say you play the first week and get your cloak to rank 5. You skip 2 weeks and log in on week 4. You can earn your 3 entries and upgrade your cloak 3 times in this week and your cloak level is the same as everyone else who played the weeks you skipped. You are only behind in corrupted momentos from running the vision less.

Yes I get this. But say someone comes in early March to play 8.3 for the first time. They can get all the way to rank X without being “capped” for any week, but they don’t have the 120k+ coalescing visions required to run the HVs to get all the corrupted cores to get to rank X. That will take time. You can’t get back those assaults you missed all those weeks from patch day to early March.

The catchup system needs to make coalescing visions greatly available, otherwise earning only 30k per week will still take weeks to catch up.

It’s just a catch up mechanic. The longer someone takes to start the longer it will take to catch up. But it works and they will catch up because they will be able to progress their cape atleast 3x faster than someone playing now going week to week.