As a Non-LFR Player - Slime Cat SHOULD be in LFR

I agree, if you want the reward from an achievement (like the CM and Tower rewards), then you do what’s listed as the requirement of the achievement(s):

If we do the fated raids on ANY difficulty, like the achievements state, we should get the reward.


If Blizzard really wanted people to put an effort on it, this will be like mage tower a permanent feature with escalation to a minimum ilvl instead of a weird limited content…a permanent feature similar to the mage tower will promote more normal raiding that this kind of approach that just increase boosting.

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I wonder if that’s why they put it on NORMAL difficulty and not mythic… Put in the effort and quit crying

You obviously do care because you’re posting over and over making a total mess of yourself, and you can’t admit you’re wrong.


Where am I wrong other than in your opinion?

Effort? Meanwhile Blizzard community manager want more friendly boostings around this reward, there’s not effort if players will be part of friendly or gold boost. It’s just annoying for a lot of players to look for this kind of groups and this change from any raid to normal should had been announced earlier.


To get the mount, you need to complete the achievement “Fates of the Shadowlands Raids”:

You’re wrong because you apparently fail to understand what “on any difficulty” means.

Homie you do realize blizzards actions of changing this backs up my opinion of a typo right? I’m not wrong you are :wink:

Then why did they change it if it’s not a typo?

Why didn’t they update the achievements if it was a typo?


Ya it’s just silly in all honesty, instead of promoting gameplay in season 4 since SL has become less played in 9.2 onward, it’s them doing decisions that work against it since there are I imagine a growing number of people who simply do not care to raid or guild find or pug just to get a mount.

Because they have to push code to do that…

Or, you’re a troll and know you’re wrong.

They’ve put out hotfixes for less.


There it is no sound argument so you call me a troll. why hot fix something small like that when you can just roll it into the next patch in a week… I understand you don’t use your brain but maybe you should start

They should have left it in LFR because not everyone has a guild group etc…or can line their schedule up with pugs etc…and I say that as someone who hates LFR with a passion. When they do things like this it tells me all the “we changed we hear you” they have been spewing in all the dragonflight interviews is all talk and it’s still the same clowns running the asylum.


Did you know you don’t have to do it all in 1 sitting?

Did you know there’s no reason to exclude it from LFR?

Stop being flippant.


From my point of view, Devs just copy the code for the completion raid achievement that required any difficulty, which progress is granted via LFR or Normal, actually the game doesn’t have achievements for only Normal.

That’s why a lot of player though this was targeted for LFR/N and then the next achievement has “heroic” on the description.

It’s a really bad communication and they should just left LFR as an option for progress at this point.

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And? I can easily do it in one sitting and will be with my guild but not everyone is as fortunate as you or I, what if they miss a week and then never get a chance to do it because of time restraints etc…should they really miss out when there’s an incredibly easy solution to just make it work on LFR? People in here keep saying LFR is a joke and people want to afk a mount etc…but I’d say Normal raids are just as easy and even heroic will be a joke with our gear so in the end there really isn’t a good reason to exclude LFR.