(Artifacts) Holy crap blizzard did it!

We can finally mog out of our artifact weapons and retain the form!



I just saw this. Hooray! It’s exactly what we’ve been asking for, and perhaps more importantly, it’s something for Druids specifically to get excited about in Shadowlands. =)

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Well…they fixing the superficial at least. Means feral/guardians can be really good roleplaying specs.

I wish they would fix feral/guardian to be wanted in endgame groups/raids.

No one is saying that the class is perfect now, or that there aren’t serious issues that still need to be addressed, but this is probably the first unambiguously positive Druid change we’ve seen. Let’s take a moment to celebrate. =)


I’m ecstatic for this change. The main form I hate is our aquatic. What glyphs do we have to change that? Will def be looking into that.

And use multiple different appearances for travel form without wasting a bunch of gold. Looks good.

Its a great change, but feral and guardian are still not worth playing in SL.

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They have been for a while now.

Let’s also hope Druid form customization can come from more than stale legion content.

Bringing it to the barber is a good solution without messing with too much of the xmog UI. I expect more glyphs to move towards this route, along with forms as rewards of future content.

But… as a feral/guardian you’ll be 99% of the time shapeshifted and not looking at your weapon anyway… I’m failing to see the hype on this, please help.

Good change. Can you negative ninnies keep your whining to the other threads?

Great change. Thanks for this Blizz. :slight_smile:

I want people to see my mog. They notice it and comment on it. I also want to use the guardian appearance that has the same color scheme as my mog, ie the ursoc appearance in EN. I used those appearances throughout Legion. Now I have to choose.

But at the same time, this won’t be enough to make it worth buying Shadowlands to play druid if guardian is the spec I play.