Arrow Keys or WASD Keys?

This probably reveals when you started gaming on the PC. I’ve tried using the the WASD keys several times, I just can’t do it. I was born an arrow key gamer and I will die one.


what if you move arrow keys to wsad location :thinking:

wsad for myself. I use to be a console gamer before moving to pc around 2010/11

it would be like replacing a kid’s favorite ice cream cone with frozen yogurt…just wrong

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I started using WASD when I played Half-Life. I use the cursor keys for editing text.

Started with arrow keys, but times change man. You gotta change too (or not).

I’ve adapted to WASD after mouse use became integrated into gaming. I think it was around the time Fallout 1 or Duke Nukem 3D had mouslook.

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Arrow keys. WASD just feels wrong.

I also use my mouse with my left hand, so people assume I’m left handed. I found I could work faster by typing with my right while I used the mouse with my left - this makes trying to use WASD even more awkward for me.

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And by fallout 1 i mean halflife. where on earth did that come from

I rest my fore arm across my desk and just re-map everything to the keys around the arrows (enter, num pad, delete, pg down etc). I just find it more relaxing.

I use arrow keys until I am in combat. Then its the mouse to move while
other hand is on ability keys

WASD keys forever and always.

My 60% board doesn’t even have arrows so that’s not an option anyways lol

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I started out as a staunch arrow guy in the late 90s because none of the games I had access to early on used WASD for movement. Even played WoW that way for a good several months, maybe even a year, back in 2005/2006.

At some point somehow I caught wind of WASD paired with mouse movement though, and after a couple hours of fumbling around I’ve never looked back. My current keyboard doesn’t even have physical arrow keys — they’re layered behind paired with fn + ; (←), fn + ' (→), fn + [ (↑), and fn + / (↓).

WASD + mouse is just so much less awkward and better at utilizing both hands.

I started off on Everquest using arrow keys. After a number of years of doing it I started having pain in my left shoulder. I’ve since moved to wasd and the pain went away.

At work I’ve re-mapped delete to the tilda key so I can do that without reaching over with my left hand. I still don’t understand why the delete key is only on the mouse side.

What do you bind for spells?

I was a number pad gamer until the late 90s. Everything used it, from combat games and platformers (OMF2097, Hocus Pocus, Duke Nukem, etc) to FPS games (Wolf3D, Doom, Duke3D, etc). Sometimes I’d have to disable Numlock but I always found the layout of the number pad preferable to the arrow keys, despite down being more awkward.

Then in the late 90s I saw someone doing WASD and mouse for Quake. It looked weird, but it seemed to work well. So I figured I’d give it a go. It was an adjustment period, to be sure, but eventually I came to almost embrace it. I say “almost” because it never quite felt right, even if it was effective.

That was when I realised I was forcing my hand into the wrong place. I touch type, and WASD is not a natural “home” location. I switched to ESDF and haven’t looked back since - though it does mean I need to reconfigure absolutely everything because evidently “gamers” don’t get that uncomfortable feeling.

He is probably using keybinds on his mouse, since paladins only have 3 abilities.

WASD all the way. Unless you’re editing text, in which case vim bindings all the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, good to see you back! You’ve been mentioned several times to people looking for laptop advice - someone told them to check out your videos.

BTW, I’m not the You you remember. Not sure what happened to him. I started posting on this toon to give my son and myself a laugh (yeah covid restlessness/silliness) but I’ve had some really nice interactions with some of the people here and have just kinda kept posting after being a long time lurker.


I used the arrows for a few years when I was a clicker. I didn’t even know you could keybind abilities or what WASD was. I would keyboard turn with arrows and click spells…lol It took some getting use to but I changed to WASD and keybinded to E,R,Q,Z,X, ect …its just a matter of muscle memory.

Neither (sort of.)
First thing I do when I get a new game is bind the movement keys to the thumb stick on my G13 game pad.
Sometimes I’ll run into a game where stick movement doesn’t feel right and then I’ll bind the movement keys the center keys of the G13 instead.
I haven’t used my actual keyboard for movement in many years.

I started with the arrow keys because thats all i used for like pinball or miniclipgames

When i was trying to learn WSAD i put little stickers on the keys so i can feel them / visually see them.

Helped me alot :slight_smile:

Not saying you should move to WASD but if you want to the stickers really helped me get into the groove!

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