Arrow Keys or WASD Keys?

The last arrow key game I played was probably doom 2 or the original Descent - i think by the time duke nukem 3d came out, the mouse was more in use.

always mouse. Unless a game ABSOLUTELY requires keyboard based movement (like Division 2 etc)… Then WASD.

This is the main reason I use arrow keys, WASD kills my wrist for some reason. Rather then using abilities that are bound to keys around WASD, I simply re-map all of them around the arrow keys.

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I’ve been a gamer since I was 8, so almost (not THAT old yet) 40 years now. :slight_smile:

Omg I think you just gave me how to help fix my not being proficient or even compitant in using wasd. I think I’ll find stickers or something similar and try it

I used arrows for a year or so because I didn’t know there was any other way. But I went through a phase where I wanted to be good at PVP as a warrior and learned about keybinds and macros and using WASD, and keybinding strife left and right to A and D, and how to use these buttons and my mouse to run circles around targets and stuff. It definitely made me a better player.

Wouldn’t that just be the left and right arrow key or were pressing both mouse buttons to move forward?

No…normally A and D only turn your character left or right…changing them to “strife” makes them run sideways…and you turn with your mouse. That’s why they call people that don’t do this “keyboard turners”.

well then technically I’m a WQE +right click mouse player

You could change A and D to strife…and use E for a main attack ability…its a lot more natural feeling.

I use R T and Y for those

OK, I looked it up. I re-mapped everything so I could not recall the default set up.

I use E Q R T F G Z X C V for my abilities…and 1 2 3…10 11 12 (side of mouse)…mouse wheel, top 2 buttons on mouse. And a shift-click of all these buttons. Keybind using Bartender 4.

Well my favorite MMO of all time was an arrows game… You could change it to WASD but arrows was more convenient, since A and S were your physical attacks, and mouse wasn’t a necessity at all in battle.

But that’s just one game, arrows worked and it’s great, but usually most games WASD is better… all first person games especially, and plenty of 3rd person games… I can’t imagine using arrows on a first person game like overwatch or skyrim, could make it work but eh… nah. Unless you use your mouse with your left hand, but i’m not sure how those people reach their hotkeys for spells when their hands are on their arrows and mouse, it’s gotta be tough.

Games I played the most on PC and their controls:
Lunia - Arrows
Ragnarok Online - Mouse Clicking xD
World of Warcraft - WASD (While arrows are there, I hardly ever touch em)
GTA San Andreas / IV / V - WASD

Every other game that comes around, like the batman games, resident evil, final fantasy, CoD, DMC, Evil Within, Goat Simulator, Half Life, all these steam games I’m looking at… 90%+ of them are WASD lol, so yeah, it’s the norm xD

WASD a majority of the time. Just something I grew accustomed to over the years of playing all sorts of different games. When I was a little younger though for things like GTA I’d play with arrow keys.

That said soon I’m moving to a 60%-size mechanical keyboard rather than a full size, so no more arrow keys period.