Arms mobility

It is impossible to get away from an arms warrior. The damage never stops, perpetually parsing at 200k, literal tanks parrying everything, healing for millions each match, all while immune to cc and bladestorming 90% of the game.

Gut this disgusting spec.


I agree buff warriors


You’re not supposed to get away for the whole match, but it is possible to get away by committing cooldowns at the proper times.

No Arms is doing 200k single target. Stat pad on pets doesn’t imply effective damage. Stop stacking though, or just mongo better if you’re a melee cleave. Try disarming when you go, maybe.

Die by the Sword is pretty good against melee classes, but what Warlock spells are they parrying?

Don’t most people heal for 1-2 million if the match lasts more than a minute or two?

Surely your first bit of hyperbole, but this simply isn’t possible. It feels that way between potentially lowered Bladestorm cooldown and the short Bladestorm off Avatar. Paticularly when they express skill and immune your CC.

Warriors aren’t too bad right now. Just good: about where every spec should be.


People need to stop crying about arms, for once it’s good and people don’t like it.

I love you. :heart:

Its not about getting away from them indefinitely. Its about getting away from them at all. We’re not all mages gents. I would love to play SP again some day but with the state of Warriors and Dk’s, not to mention the fact that they’re always in lobbies together, you can’t play the dang game. Either fix the mobility, lower the damage, or cut the shear number of snare and cc immunities. What can you really do into a warrior as a SP right now? Teleport? no, we don’t have mobility. Fear them? No, they’re virtually immune to fears. Root them? No, they have half a dozen root breaks. That’s only ONE SIDE OF THE PROBLEM. Now you still gotta somehow deal with the DK too. Grip, Grip, 2 kicks, stun, grip, grip…


Wrong, if you do get away you get bolted. But you generally can’t cause of bladestorm immunity.


You’re on a monk and you can’t get away from Bladestorm? LMFAO

? If I’m on monk I just laugh at it, talking about when I’m on any ranged.

Tell me you play without playing yourself

Literally any ranged can escape it to.

Warlock can port, mage can blink, hunter has freedom or disengage, what is your struggle besides users error?


Then it ensures the warrior stays on you the rest of the time, because now you’re down an escape from double charge + leap. There’s a reason you’re on war


Wild almost like you shouldn’t be able to kite a melee class 100% of the time. Shocking.

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Almost like melee shouldn’t have ways to ensure 100% uptime even without their partners.

There’s a reason participation dropped even for the start of the season.

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Casters shouldnt have such insane gap makers if melee needs 100% uptime just to compete

Said the warlock.

And they don’t, by your own admission, Arfbishop.

So that he can have fun playing a B+ to A melee spec with good class identity?

The 3s leaderboard is DH, DK, Rogue, Rogue, DK, Druid, Druid, Warlock, DH, Rogue, Rogue, Paladin, THEN a couple Warriors at 17 and 18. It continues similarly until another warrior at 34th and 59th. There are 4 Warriors in the top 100 and 0 in the top 10.

Hardcore warriors aren’t really finding the same success they’ve had in previous seasons. Didn’t do well in the solo shuffle tournament either.

It’s a good spec for sure, but not nearly the monster you’re making it out to be. Did you time travel from Shadowlands or something?

Season of Discovery? Late expansion woes? Other imbalances that have nothing to do with Warrior?


S tier, as show the stats.

Then you don’t read stats well.


It is.

Must be all their parents not letting them on the PC, yes. Totally not excuses.

It is funny that people try to call me by other user names because they’re the ones that hide themselves and alt hop to avoid being associated with their actual known name.

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The stats which I provided that contradict your myopic world view, or the ones in your head that you didn’t share with us? :person_shrugging:

What other stats are we looking at?

291 Warriors in the top 5000 ranked players?
52 in the top 1000?
28 in the top 500?

Below DH, DK and Warlock in each case?

Below DH, DK, Rogue, Lock, and Druid in the top 100? Within handshake distance of Feral Druid (3), Shadow Priest (3) and Frost DK (2) in terms of representation in the top 100? Those stats?

What stats are we talking here?

I don’t even know what this means.

You seem pretty mad, though, and spiraling, apparently because you lost to some warriors in arena. Snap the tilt. Take a break. Either for a day or for a season if you think it’s so bad.