Argonians in WoW

I think we should have argonians in WoW.

I just think they’re neat.

Also, I love lizard races and would die for them. It’s far past time we got one in WoW.

Zandalari trolls do not count.

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As long as they aren’t too lusty, I already have a hard enough time staving off the bar wenches and butterfaces of Azeroth. Particularly the innkeepers daughter.



Lizardmen races are my favorite fantasy race. They are a big missing playable race in WoW, especially since several other MMO’s have had them as playable races. I feel like they would be big news and really popular if one ever became playable in the game.

If you’re interested, I do operate the Saurok Megathread, where we support them becoming a playable Horde race. You can see all sorts of discussions, ideas, and such here:

Hoping we see them on the Horde side of that character creation screen someday! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

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ESO is waiting for you.

That’s the beauty of mergers and crossovers, though; you don’t have to give up 99% of what you love just to get that last 1% elsweyr.


As much as I’d love to support this, I’m really tired of artificial faction divides. Not being able to mail stuff cross-faction, for instance, is a huge problem and disincentivizes me from playing both factions. Since all my stuff is Alliance-based atm, I’m afraid the only way I could ever support saurok in the capacity you presented is if they made them Alliance, neutral, or removed faction divides entirely.

It looks like a really good thread, though.

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