Arena World Championship Returns July 31!

Arena World Championship Returns July 31!

The Arena World Championship (AWC) returns for Shadowlands Season 2 Circuit on July 31, only on YouTube!

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So… Is it July or August? You decide!

Juicy prize pool!

I think it’s August, might have been a typo in the Publishing document.

Damn. Thats a tiny prize pool

How many players will be Humans, Nelves, Belves, or Orcs?

Oh, I already know the answer! All of them.

More people would be interested in PvP if they could actually play it

cough fix gear disparity cough


fix you gear scaling in pvp or better yet remove it and use honor/conquest with xmogs at cap points,so pvp is fun and not this s*** show


I’m sure all 12 viewers are excited.


oh look a side game gets its own world championship no WAY

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Where to begin. The prize pool is absolutely pathetic. All of those people dedicate their lives to arena and they will never, ever make enough to live. Does Blizzard care that these individuals have NOTHING when this is over. Cdew has a kid how will he support. Whaazz has a girlfriend how will he support. Does blizz even care?!

Maybe we can pitch in somehow?

:surfing_woman: :surfing_man:

It’s crazy how the mini game that no one takes seriously or cares about and blizzard shouldn’t give any dev time to…has always been the World Stage for WoW. If you listen to GD it’s just an insignificant time waster that no skilled player wastes their time on. Crazy.

Remove ilvl rating gates in PvP, remove the upgrade system, make all blue PvP gear the same ilvl, make all purple PvP gear the same ilvl, make them normal raid ilvl in the world, make honor gear PvP ilvl halfway between Heroic and Mythic, make Conquest PvP ilvl higher than Mythic. Increase currency acquisition rate, and introduce catch-up systems for Conquest. You’ve now recreated the WoD PvP gearing system. Profit.

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No one cares about pvp? Lmao makes sense.


Pve karen here guys watchout for the arguments

All of that was sarcastic. Are you blind?


I couldn’t care less about PvE. I want the devs to stop listening to toxic elitist 1% raiders who want to dictate how everyone else gets to enjoy the game. Fix PvP.


Oh my bad. Don’t get so sensitive about it little guy lol

Gotta fight salt with salt on posts in GD. Dragonslayers get super defensive super quick when you tell them they’re wrong. Even if you’re right and have data to prove it, they just switch from bad faith arguments to deriding your character as a player. That’s why I use this classic toon for posting. It forces them to have a discussion instead of trying to look me up to “oh well you’ve only blah blah blah you can’t have an opinion.” Its a lot more fun to watch them struggle.

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Won’t they just respond with “post on your main”

Love that every time Blizzard posts one of these they get trashed.

And they still post them.

Like come on Blizz, this whole “esport” thing is not the proper direction for this game. Most of us realize that. And it’s not forum negativity; these events never get a lot of views on YT either.

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