Arena World Championship Returns July 31!

I ask them why it matters.

Why don’t you balance your pvp before hosting a so called tournament

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They should make everyone’s ilvl random every match so it represents the reality of S1 PvP.

Each game one team randomly has 30 less ilvl than the other. Lets see how much it doesn’t matter.

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Let Ion “Git gud” Hazzikostas lie to our faces again and tell those competing in the Arena World Championship that it’s just a skill issue.

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These people dedicate their lives to this game. You think Mes has a backup plan to raise his toddler? No he relies on these tournaments. You think Chas is relying on Sweden to bail him out when WoW dies? Nope, he is not.

Seriously this is insulting how does LoL and Dota 2 have million dollar cups and wow which is paid has a few hundred split to hundreds of people?

Pikaboo may be able to get away with streaming but let’s be real tbc arena isn’t the future and the views are suffering. You think Xaryu will transition to some kind of fitness lifestyle stream full time to make ends meet?

I don’t know guys. I’m seriously concerned. I seem to be the only one to understand that these guys have no transferable skills (1337 mogz count?) For the real world. It is a travesty because they wasted their prime earning years playing abandonware and blizz awards it as such.

I wonder how the culture is at blizz these days must be a complete joke.

“The Arena World Championship (AWC) returns for Shadowlands Season 2 Circuit on July 31, only on YouTube!”

Less e-sports, better storytelling, balance, fixed systems, and more customization.

I can’t wait to watch broken class X go against broken class X to determine who is the ultimate tool.

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Good luck to everyone!

( I admit I my playstyle is so far removed from these esports that the few times I’ve tried to watch an event during Blizzcon I couldn’t make heads or tales of what’s going on )

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Don’t worry no one is going to watch this trash anyway :joy:

I’d really love to watch this on twitch :pensive:

I wanted to remind everyone that this tournament Blizzard puts on is a COMPLETE EMBARASSMENT. if I were a developer for PvP I would be completely ashamed of this product!