Arena World Championship 2021 Grand Finals is Here!

Arena World Championship 2021 Grand Finals is Here!

The Arena World Championship: Shadowlands 2021 Grand Finals begins Saturday, September 25 at 10 a.m. PT!

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Fix PvP gear please, there’s megathread on PTR sub saturated with feedback.

It’s the highest viewed/liked/commented thread.


Don’t care didn’t ask plus you still haven’t fixed PvP gearing on the 9.1.5 PTR.


PvP’rs from all backgrounds are literally begging you for this fix, meanwhile we haven’t received comment and you promote a PvP tournament.

Please don’t do this to us, we’ve all hung around loyally for so long this is cruel.


Could we get a response as to why there have been none of the fixes that the PvP community has been asking for?

PvP participation is taking an enormous hit from when it used to be at an all time high. This is likely because of the way gearing is set now compared to the past expansions like MoP-WoD for example.

A simple “We can’t do that” would suffice so that I can stop bugging with something that probably won’t happen at this point.

It is hard to be enthusiastic about PvP anymore when it’s typically abandoned and all the community gets is radio silence.

I’m more interested in being able to play your game rather than watch people play it.


Yay be happy when its over so WE CAN GET A Class balancing pass


I’m surprised there’s enough people still interested in WoW pvp to warrant even having a tournament. It’s been a joke for several expansions.


Not sure about these numbers, but don’t they range around 7-10k normally?

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Is this burst meta fun for anyone?

:surfing_woman: :surfing_man:


Last few times I tuned into AWC (over past few weeks), it hovered between 3-4k viewers… on Youtube, during the weekend :laughing:

On the other hand, tuned into MDI tournament recently and the viewers were hovering between 8.5-11k (on same exact WoW Youtube channel). Anecdotal perhaps, but really seems like very few people are watching AWC or even care about it… seems like interest in PvP is low.


They’ve neglected it for quite a while so yeah it will be low unfortunately.


I remember beginning of shadowlands, viewership would peak around 10k.

Now, viewership peaks around like 4/5k when “big” teams are playing.

Keep in mind, they also stream for like 10 hour on Saturday/Sunday and have a global audience. But I agree the viewership is a little ‘low’.

They could do a lot better promoting it – say, in the launcher. Have a button that says AWC going on RIGHT NOW! Click HERE to watch!

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I remember it regularly being 30-40k and in the finals sometimes higher. Maybe some of it was lost in the switch from Twitch, but honestly given their audience, I doubt it was many. I don’t think many people would be fussed enough about a platform change to refuse to watch.

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I remember on a recent Saturday, a few weeks back I think, I stopped watching AWC just before noon (~3.2k viewers at the time). Stepped outside to do some RL stuff, got back home around 3:00 PM.

When I fired up Youtube and started watching again I noticed the viewers were only 3.7-3.8k… so in the 3-4 hours I was out, the viewers had only gone up around ~600 people :joy:

Like you said, very very low numbers for a weekend/Saturday considering the global reach of Youtube. Kinda concerning tbh, indicates either a low player population, low interest in PvP, or both :grimacing:


One thing I will say that I think is worth considering, is that the videos are available to watch immediately on Youtube. I think the Twitch vods were up quickly too, but Youtube is more popular in general, so there may be some people that just watch it later after it’s live.

People do like to complain about the commentary while teams are choosing comps and maps.

That still doesn’t explain the very large viewer discrepency between AWC (3-4k viewers) and MDI tournament(8.5-12k viewers).

So during AWC weeks people watch replays but during MDI they attend in-person/participate in the chat? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Could’ve sworn I saw the MDI tournament viewers spike to like 17-18k for a period of time, but haven’t seen the AWC spike higher than ~5.5-6k (at the most) during the recent streams I watched live.

Pvp is currently trash
A ton of casual pvpers have quit because of it
AWC casters were told outright to not talk about the mind control bug
A lot of things are broken in pvp and even casters make fun of it on air

Thousands of posts on the forums in ptr and arena forums have gone unanswered and ignored and changes they make are completely disconnected

3k viewers is actually way too high imo for the crapfest that SL pvp is tbh

Hero of the alliance/horde is currently like 2150. Thats really low rbg participation and i know a few people who got into pvp because of rbgs so now pvp is meh to them

SL is trash i’m ready for 10.0
Or for major changes by 9.2


Streamers doing transmod runs can pull more viewers. In the past 90% of wow streamers was doing some form of PVP. No wonder why subs are though the Chitter.

if the pepole in there getta PICK there gears , how come i dont , is a scam or ilegal go to jal


let me guess, it’s the same 3-4 classes burning through arena.

so fun def tuning in

(this isn’t throwing shade at the CM’s updating us, but the devs need to get their act together and start addressing these issues imo)