Arena is so hilariously bad

and we’re all suckers for continuing to play it


i mean, if you are just playing for laughs, arena is a hoot.

if you are playing seriously, ehhh, that does not sound fun at all.

If you’ve taken pvp in this game even remotely seriously anytime in the last 10 years you’re a joke. Reevaluate your life. MoP was the last time WoW had any semblance of Esport credibility.


Why does something need esports credibility to be “taken seriously”

Theres people on old mmos from 2001 that play 40 hours a week pvping the same 200 people (DAOC) sounds pretty serious to me

If you queue anything more than a few hours a week youre taking it serious and thats ok


i play a ton, and 90% of the time have fun, but this season has made me not really like arena. prob cause my partners quit again like the last season but yea… personal conjecture rage diary post mb


I can’t take it seriously or id have a heart attack

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Hit a little close to home with that one.

I still log on EverQuest now and again

Same for me with EQ.

I feel like you don’t really know “toxic” if you haven’t done EverQuest PvP

I played on a pve server back in the day. Quit eq at wow release. I occasionally log in twinked lowbies and solo for a few hours. I miss the pre wow eq community.

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Yeah, I’ve crossed my arms and sat most of the season mad over what RSS did to arena. But ultimately realized that even with a Discord full of people and a regular 2’s partner who also has adult responsibilities that I’m not gonna get to play much if I don’t do RSS.

Maybe 2’s/3’s will be a little more active for season 2.

it’s a video game

it’s really imbalanced (nothing wrong with wanting it to improve tho) but if that genuinely upsets you irl I recommend spending your time doing other things


The only reason I’m still playing is because my brother and a few IRL friends picked up WoW for the first time and wanted to try arena. Even playing the hilariously bad comp of Destro/Arms or Destro/Arms/Frost and never getting past 1.2k, we’re having a really fun time with it. Way more fun than I’ve had playing to try to get any type of rating.

I’m learning how to heal now so we can at least put together some sort of semi-decent comp, which coincidentally has been terrible with the ret meta atm lmao

I never play arena I come here for pvp balance
some guy told me the other day he only logs in to play arena. srsly who the @#$! subs to play arena
I guess that guy

pretty sure that no form of pvp is actually fun anymore. theyre a chore for many players, poor game design.

fire them all.

Fighting people in Gfay outside crushbone in Eq during 2001 was the most fun experience I’ve ever had in a game .

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You’re hiding behind a classic alt because you’re either hardstuck rival or an EU andy both meaning you’re taking this far more serious than most of us

It’s best not to dissect the psychology of someone who takes his virtual identity so seriously, he has to hide it behind another virtual identity.


How has pointing out the obvious become a go-to rebuttal? I will continue to hide behind a classic alt until the need for relentless figurative violence has passed.