Are you ready to trade Stormwind and Silvermoon? The Conclusion of BfA

(Lacryma) #25

I wouldn’t mind this. But Sylvanas would need to die during the battle to sell it. At this point the character just has too much baggage on it, and I can’t reliably say she has the capability or intelligence to do this without massive amounts of plot armor.

(Alamara) #26

Yeah, it reminds me of the Second War. Humans could move to Lordaeron, while Stormwind is in the Horde’s hands.

It’s an intriguing setup.


In b4 Sylvanas is on the verge of victory, but then goes to a far away land, awakens an ancient evil, then dies.


Yep, flagging and moving on.


I have a feeling that as soon as Sylvanas dies, the Horde will try to sue for peace. The war was her idea, and she’s been the aggressor this entire expansion.

You could argue that SW in Horde hands might be enough to keep this war going, as the Alliance won’t be taking that lying down at all

(Alamara) #31

I have a theory on Sylvanas’ endgame.

(Cassima) #35

Hmm… I don’t much care for the idea of the Horde conquering Stormwind, but… if it’s implied that we were able to evacuate a number of civilians… this time… and it means playable high elves, then I suppose I’m down.


I’m looking forward to someone in the Alliance rising up and becoming the new Anduin Lothar, who will lead the SW humans once again in this hypothetical tragic time

(Caelin) #37

Nope, it would be a horrible trade. For crying out loud you can’t even fly in the BE lands. Why in hell would we want that place!

(Hecatone) #38

And… it’s another High Elf thread.

Alternate idea: The assault on Silvermoon fails. Blood Elves are finally fed up with the traitor Elves and cut off their Sun Well access. As the traitors succumb to their mana addiction some of them return home. The others become void elves. Those who do neither go mad and need to be violently put down. Alaria turns blue, Blood Elves get blue eyes, faction identity is preserved, we get new quests, the Alliance High Elf story is concluded, the Blood Elf and Void Elf story is advanced, and these kinds of threads can stop. A win for everyone really.

(Hecatone) #39

Pirate Humans. The human male paladins will love that.

(Korthre) #40

Eh, not really. I was really thinking of just Silvermoon City, but I have been reading up the humans going back to Lordaeron suggestions and that actually sounds even better, I don’t know what core race would rise from that though… maybe Lighforged Undead like Calia Menethil, that would be awesome.

Two undeads, one from Sylvanas and one from the Light. The customization would be insane!

What is Nathano-like humans? Those models are literally human alliance models.



(Hecatone) #42

That’s just a couple of characters so we can have a forsaken story line where people are less grossed out. I actually find them grosser than the forsaken.

Pirate humans would be the better option, although I’d rather have something more interesting than more other humans added to the game.

(Grayphus) #43

NOPE! 10 characters!

(Chroesire) #44

You guys can have leper gnomes.


I mean let’s take even more away from Blood Elves as if Blood Elves haven’t already lost everything else. We have no major NPCs, no actual story presence, no anything.

And now you want to take away the Blood Elves capital city?

What next, are you going to take Tel Drassil away from the Night Elves? Oh, right, that did happen.


I see what you did there. Sneaking in another “give us High Elves” thread. You sly dog.

(Korthre) #47

Haha. Thanks even reading half the post here buddy.

(Caelin) #48

Nightborne NIGHT ELVES wave hello! You got them back in Legion, you know that group of NIGHT ELVES that sealed themselves away during the first Legion invasion.

Look I really don’t want High Elves, there are more than enough Elf variants at this point, but it made zero sense to give us VEs over HEs.