Are you a casual, friendly, Late night guild?

Two of us are looking for an awesome late night guild to be part of on Horde!

• Must be social, we’d love an active guild chat as neither of us like to use discord.

• Must have people on late.

• Friendly is also a plus!

• “Adults only” guilds don’t work for us.

• Not worried about raiding, would do PVP and maaaybe some mythics.

• Happy to move to whatever realm, we’re fresh back on horde and haven’t settled anywhere yet.

About us:
We’re a Mother Daughter team, play late, love having fun and messing around on guild chat. We both have some limited experience raiding (not our focus) and a load of pvp and general experience.
We’ve been horde a long while back, and spent the last year on Alliance, but while the people were great, it wasn’t home.

Really hoping we can find somewhere!

Hey Fudge! My sister along with one of our officers Pam were wondering if there’s any other mothers/women looking for a guild! I’m trying to boos their girl power, and you guys would definitely do that :stuck_out_tongue: . Not sure what you’re considering ‘late-night’ but we are usually on pretty late. We’re looking for some dependable tanks/dps in my guild < Reunion > here on Illidan, and would also love some extra healers as well. We are horde, so I’m not sure if you’re into that. We’re a fresh guild, but started progression this past week. Made it to 8/9N so far (Wed/Thurs 9pm-12am CST) with a good amount of people either new to raiding or just getting back into it after a long break. We’re a chill group, always chillin in discord and doing keys/pvp/random fun stuff on off days. If this sounds like an environment you’d enjoy, add me on bnet! mofuk#1960

< Reunion > recruitment post

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We’ll definitely check it out!

With us not being big on voice chat, is that going to be an issue? We won’t necessarily raid, maybe fill in where we can and if needed.

We basically like to enjoy the whole game, and spend more time doing everything from leveling to mog runs, to having fun in random bgs.

Edit: iPad is logged into a different toon sorry.

Still looking, incase anything comes up.

Hello, we are recruiting late night players. We could use some more casual guildies :slight_smile:

Lint Roll My Carpet | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1:00am-3:30am CST


Guild Master: Fiege
BNET: Fiege#1567