Are we slavemasters to the proto-drake mounts?!

So I’ve spent hours and hours and replayed the storyline of dragonflight to figure this out and I can’t find anything, so let’s talk a bit of lore.

TLDR: How come the proto drakes of the dragon isles are all enemies, but the first Dragonriding mount we get is a “renewed” proto-drake.

TLDR2: Lore states that “all dragons were proto-drakes before the titans infused the aspects which altered the apperance of dragons”, so how come we ride proto-drakes while fighting primalists? And what about old mounts?!


The Titans gave the aspects their powers which changed their appearance into what we know as “Dragons”, but prior to that all dragons were proto-drakes.

Those who didn’t approved followed Galakrond and took to the powers of the elementals to preserve their race/themselves/whatever.

So all of this made me feel like…the aspects are actually the bad ones for deciding to change their whole race and then fighting those who oppose…but let’s forget about that for a bit so we can get to the real point.

I know that the primalists infuse eggs to turn them to their side, but like…if the aspects changed the look of dragons, and dragons live on the dragon isles even when the aspects weren’t there (as we have seen), wouldn’t their babies look like dragons and not proto-drakes?

And how come we get a proto-drake as our first mount? Did this dragon consent to that or did we straight up kidnap some proto-dragons and make them into our mounts?

Ok I know this sounds out there, but ALL LORE online says: PROTO-DRAGONS = Primalists = Evil. Dragons = Good.

Using my imagination I’m thinking that yes, the dragons of the dragon isles weren’t all decendants of the aspects, and because of time etc the young proto-dragons may align more with the dragonflights and decide to join them, but I feel like that should then have been established in lore somewhere? Is it? Have you seen anything about this?

This is literally driving me mad I have never read so much lore in my life with no result.

And what about all the old mounts that are proto-drakes? How did we get them? Did we enslave them?! I feel like dragon (dragonflight style looking dragons aka “normal” dragons and not the T-rex’es with wings) mounts are a bond between the “adventurer” and the dragon. They’re fighting the same cause so they help eachother out, but if proto-drakes are primalists then why tf are they letting us ride around on them?!

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it sounds like the old Order= Good, Chaos=Evil chestnut or something. I presume that proto-drakes as the dragons’ natural state, while not necessarily inclined towards chaos, can still be infused with extra-chaos elemental energies.

The vast majority of proto-drakes are merely smart animals. Alex and the other aspects are exceptions that got noticed and further uplifted.

What did the NetEase drama look like in-person?

I don’t necessarily buy that proto-drakes are just smart animals. They appear to care for their young, they are capable of speech and we know they clearly have an agenda. I think the reason dragons and titans want us to dehumanize and not empathize with the proto-drakes is because its easier for us to control them/kill them.

One of the more jarring things about even their naming. Raszageth doesn’t call herself a proto-dragon or proto-drake. They see themselves as true dragons. The fact that they do not agree with even the term is also concerning. It’s dragons who tell us these are proto-dragons/drakes. They are inferior to us. Not sentient. They must be controlled. That doesn’t sit well with me.

These elemental dragons are just that. Dragons with elemental powers that are not infused by titanic magic. They are truly free by their own volition not coaxed by the halls of infusion. I know it’s just one opinion, but I don’t think we should continue to call them animals or proto-drakes/dragons, they are elemental dragons or “free range” drakes. Not proto, but coexisting and just as sentient as their kin, but who choose to not speak in the common tongue because they are not predisposed to our inclinations.


EXACTLY!!! Im not alone in this. When i started getting invested in the lore it instabtly made me think of the first mount we got in dragonflight and how it is also called “renewed”. Like…

It almost seems like a religious war. Some follow titans and their view, and some dont. Just cause Galakrond ended up evil he didnt start like that.

Look at Ysera who got to be put down cause she was controlled (cant remember the correct term) by Xavius. Ysera is still not considered evil.

I feel like because the proto-drakes, or original dragons, initially followed Galakrond they use that as validation to fight against them, but what the elemental dragons are fighting for is their freedom to be themselves and identify as dragons.


The dragons that we ally with were all once proto-drakes themselves.

I mean, they literally want to make Azeroth borderline uninhabitable to any lifeform that’s not an elemental. Their end goal’s outcome results in the extinction of countless people’s.

As for the proto-Dragons I don’t think we are enslaving them?
Its not really all that clear but I would suspect there are some Proto Dragons who are not with the Elementalists.


The intelligence level of Proto-Drakes seems to swing wildly. We know the Aspects were once Proto-drakes capable of reason and planning, but also… literally the first batch of quests you get when you arrive on the isles has you hunting them for meat and hides.


I’ll raise you collecting the meat and hides from Alliance druids in bear form in Silverpine Forest. So many beings on Azeroth are sapient that I’ve become rather numb to the idea of slaughtering them regardless.

Not starting out as evil is what Blizzard said about the Primalists, but I don’t think it applied to Galakrond.

What do you know about Galakrond’s story?

iirc they were called that before we even got to dragonblight. Like I’m sure a few NPC’s in Howling Fjord calls them Proto-drakes. For example the Ember Clutch Ancient refers to the dragons in the local area as proto-drakes.

“They are fueled by an ancient magic and are the mating grounds for the brood mother and her proto-drake consorts.” -

Then you have Alliance NPC’s like Captain Adams refer to them as proto-drakes as well.

“I need the proto-drake eggs and proto-whelps in the burning forest to the southeast destroyed!” -

Also it is not like the Titans nor their keepers truly looked down on the proto-drakes as a collective. Tyr fought along side them against Galakrond and Thorim’s most trusted companion was a proto-drake.

The reason why we call them proto-drakes is that they look like dragonkin but they are not the dragons we are used to seeing. The fact that the Dragons we mainly know came from them was coincidental for the most part. It was not because of some pro titan propaganda as the quests I provided in Howling Fjord demonstrate.

Fair point! It’s so fuzzy. Like i said ive spent more time on reading lore than on my dissertation. I wish it was straight forward information about, say, the first dragonriding mount we get.

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The protodrakes occupy this weird halfway point where they’re both feral and sapient, depending on the needs of the story. Generally, they’re no different than animals, except for the random speaking ones because the game says so.

The protodrake that’s assigned to you is said by quest text to be a willing volunteer that wants to explore the islands, and wants to give you a ride so you can show it around.


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IDK but my headcanon is that Dreadmoore dominated all of his dragons.
They don’t need to be people to do their jobs.

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As for the proto-Dragons I don’t think we are enslaving them?
Its not really all that clear but I would suspect there are some Proto Dragons who are not with the Elementalists.

Never used the quote function so not sure if this will work or if i messed it up royally.

Anyway! I wish it was less fuzzy, though someone replied the first mount we get is a volunteer who wants to explore with us so i guess that answers my question haha


the protodrakes we ride have been said to be bestial and non sentient, which makes them different from the ones we are fighting.
I’m not sure how the ones who are sentient got that way, but the ones we ride are explicitly animals


Sorry about the late reply, Blizzard has some slow mode going on that does not match my enthusiasm for lore-talk!

What do you know about Galakrond’s story?

I mean. where to start. Galakrond is like the daddy of all dragons, and rumored is that the titans created the aspects from him. The aspects encouraged this rumor to keep dragonkind in the dark about the truth about Galakrond so that no one would follow in his footstepts.

He was huge and originally was a pretty smooth n’ slick dragon, but the water he drank from was corrupted by one of the old gods; Yogg-Saron, which caused him to cannibalise (aka eat his kin) on the other dragons (proto-dragons) that resulted in him growing mutations and his appearance changed. Eventually he threw up his victims and they became undead and slaves to his will.

Now, before the aspects were empowered by the titans it’s interesting to note that Malygos was confused to see Galakrond hunt at their hunting spot eating their food. The eliteism is hinted waaaay back. PS: he said that to Neltharion…

Now, to not go into too much stuff and to answer what we was talking about if Galakrond started out as evil or not…no…he didn’t. Even Tyr said that they could have prevented it and that they didn’t intend for him to become like that, but as mentioned prior, Yogg’Saron corrupted him.

Also…I could go on forever. As I wrote in my original post I have read WAY TOO MUCH LORE to get the answer to something simple haha

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We also ride proper Dragonflight Dragons such as the Velocidrake, Wylderdrake and the Highland Drake.

Why some of the proper Dragons of the 5 Great Dragonflights are 2-legged is beyond me.

Most seen members of the 5 Great Dragonflights seems to be Highland Dragons with the rest being Velocidragons and Wylderdragons.


the protodrakes we ride have been said to be bestial and non sentient, which makes them different from the ones we are fighting.

Conspiracy theories on max here but…do we know that it is true or do they merely not speak the same language…

I’m not sure how the ones who are sentient got that way, but the ones we ride are explicitly animals

Maybe they’re all in fact sentinent but the aspects hide that to keep us from feeling empathy for them.