Are Warlocks Succubus being removed?

No, the Succubus is not being removed. However she is being redesigned to be unattractive and instead of charming the enemy she will distract them by complaining about the price of lawn chairs that were supposed to be on sale and demanding to see the raid boss.


They’re totally going to nerf it for their puritan ideals, but fortunately other mmorpgs aren’t soft like Blizzard. Right Blizzard :)?

ah thanks for the giggle

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I am getting the idea from all these random arguments you truly do not understand why the Succubus is sexist.

And that lack of awareness is why she need to be removed.

People joke about ‘woke’ culture but from some many of the posts here, I can see there are still a lot of people asleep at the switch on this issue.

No, that is not what I am saying. It is not even close to what I am saying. Please go back and read what I actually said as opposed to your interpretation of it.

What is wrong with the Warlock’s Succubus?

So what?

Where did I say every single picture/painting of a naked sexy lady is sexist?

I didn’t.

Try again.

You’re barking up the wrong tree, I just made a comment. It’s an “issue” in so far as there’s a discussion with opposing sides, which you can find on the front page somewhere.

I see plenty of shirtless demonhunters for male gaze ( at least the gay male gaze). Sadly it seems all the males have flat gluteals in this game.

No one is asleep at the switch, there is no switch, this game is a fantasy adventure - not reality. The succubus is not a real thing and it has no influence on the real world.

Consider the possibility that you might be a bit over sensitive on this. Sometimes “risque” is just for fun and that is just as true for Croman as it is for a succubus.

Repeat after me - “It’s only a game”


okay a kink bdsm demon dominatrix with whip, spikes and rocket bra, is bad because guys like it. if females like it too, they dont count cause guys like it. guys like it cause she’s enslaved (well doh, bdsm fans might. some just like her cause she’s sexy not cause she’s a slave). well if girls like it cause she’s enslaved (well doh, bdsm. some just like her cause she’s sexy not cause she’s a slave), it doesnt count cause guys like it and thats all that matters.

It is though, you are asking for art to be removed here. Better still historical lore that predates the game’s removal.

Because you had a board with strings and in your mind decided this was inherently sexist. Forgoing the one basic warlock fact in this game. She is the only one who chooses to fight by your side. I know you are aware her armor has changed over the year, also I am assuming you know that historically she wears less, but you said anything sexy is inherently sexist so let’s be real here, I have little hopes for you understanding any of that.

You are offended, easiest solution is to remove yourself, instead you are making asinine nonsense comments riding on the backs of victims to push a narrative very few actually care for, why? Better still why now?

There are plenty of us women who have zero issues with this, and we are getting pretty darn tired of this virtue signaling. For the love of Bob in Janitorial, stop your nonsense. None of what you are pushing solves anything.


Please quote my post that said that.

Because I didn’t.

That help at all? I know it was mere minutes ago and feigning outrage in multiple threads may make you forget…


Your argument is that the Succubus in-game is created with the intent of being male gaze when she’s perfectly in line with her entire historical geneaology as a mythical creature for 3000 years and consistent with every single existing visual depiction of such within her genealogy, including even if we limit to the succubus.

You are incorrect.


It’s evident they’re lazily trolling but I’ve actually studied this IRL and can tolerate no misrepresentation of genealogies of mythical beings and folklore.


the world must be scrubbed of females because males occasionally like them. man we ladies are so screwed.

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There is a difference between setting up something to be sexy and setting up something specifically for the male gaze. Maybe not for you, but in reality.

So your whole premise is based on your false interpretation of my words which is why I said:

'Please go back and read what I actually said as opposed to your interpretation of it.’

So try again. This time based on my actual words as opposed to your interpretation of them.

what’s funny is her folklore is primarily tied to women’s oral histories in various culture, e.g. why many Mediterranean cultures don’t cut the hair of boys until they reach around 5 years old (because Lilith/Lilim/Succubi only kill male children and thus if they look feminine they’re protected).

Succubi & Co have survived into modernity as we understand them because of the efforts of women.