Are the forums wrong?

People boast about the playerbase being toxic. Basically every group I have joined since Tuesday has been chill and understanding. Straight up, the tank in my group running my Karahzan key explained every single fight and how to deal with trash packs. And in Fated CN? Lead explained fights when it was obvious that people did not know them (including myself). When someone screwed up a mechanic, lead just explained what they had to do next time (if they died) or later during the fight. All of these groups, and not a single voice chat.

So, are the forums wrong about toxicity? No, not at all. There are some awful groups out there no doubt.


I think that there are a lot of Karens who don’t think that that have anything to do with the negative experiences they’ve had in the game. There’s also people just echoing sentiment back and forth about things they haven’t taken part in.

Hear about how awful dungeons are for newbies who get kicked at low levels for low dps and in leveling dozens of chars through LFD I’ve seen it maybe once and only to somebody who refused to stop pulling extra stuff.


Are the forums wrong?

Answer: yes, very often they are.


In the years I’ve played this game I’ve had very few bad experiences with other players, which has been consistent with other MMORPGs I’ve played. If someone is having a negative experience most of the time they play the game then they need to do an internal diagnostic and ask if maybe part of the problem is them.


Bad experiences outshine good experiences most of the time. When it comes to mythic+ I would get good groups and bad groups but it felt like the bad groups kept me from wanting to pug. I just didn’t want to take the risk anymore of having to deal with bad players because it’s exhausting


Whoa whoa whoa look man I don’t appreciate you coming in here and ruining the pity party bro alright. I’m gonna have to correct you and say everything is worse then it has ever been or ever will be!

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a large number of players on the forums are afraid of their own shadows. one day their shadow will say “boo” to them and they’ll fall into a puddle of helpless terror because someone was mean to them.

The vast majority of my experiences with people in this game are positive to neutral. Do I occasionally encounter a jerk? of course, but I’m not inane enough to take those ocassions and turn it into WoW PlaYERbASE is teH MoST ToXiC EVER.

that would be dumb, because it’s a flat out lie, and I generally don’t like to lie.


I’ve had more positive experiences than not. But you’re going to find more negativity on the forums because people who’ve had bad experiences tend to vent more than people who are content with the game. Of course, there will always be toxic people here and in the game. It’s the internet, after all.

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It’s like someone telling you ''hey, canadians are super nice!" you come over and meet a bad bunch and say ‘‘wait, but i didn’t meet any nice people here’’.

I’ve seen around the interwebs and this forum ‘‘oh, it never happened to me, so you must be lying’’ type of attitude.

I think this player base, is pretty awful. It is fated now, week 1 and people are more understanding. It starts to rear its head a few weeks down the line. Also have to keep in mind that everyone has their own bar to what they notice. I know one person who plays WoW in a higher level of content and is the type to ignore most things around him. To each their own I guess.

Ultimately I’ve had horrible times in pugs in Legion, and said I wasn’t having it. Not worth it.

In all honesty, I haven’t come across much toxicity in-game since day 1 of launch. I know there has been some and have seen it a little bit here and there throughout the years but I think one of the big differences for me is I have always been in very active guilds so we did things together. So there was no toxicity.

This is why I encourage those to find active guilds because it makes the game sooo much more fun.

But, at times when I have done LFR/LFD here and there, I have seen it once in a while but honestly not much at all.

When I look at the DPS meters and people literally aren’t doing anything at all it makes my blood boil. Yea they’re not being toxic but they’re being useless and a waste of space

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Its gotten better, iv noticed alot of horde players are impatient and toxic more than alliance

To be clear, opinions of GD are almost entirely over dramatic woe is me posts.
Try not to take them seriously.


Everyone has their own perspective and experiences. Throw in misinformation and straight up making things up, forum tales can vary in accuracy quite widely!

The best way to gather feedback is to take the account of multiple sources in addition to what you know to be correct information, and kinda blend it all together to form your own take on things!

At least, that’s what I do…

Depends I guess. Personally I wouldn’t trust this toxic community to mow my lawn let alone be honest about their intentions or what have you.

I consider the forums to be pure entertainment, that’s the only reason I come here, it’s like reddit at this point.

Nah most people are decent in game people just come here trying to run the game down and how bad everything is when everyone knows it’s just flat out lying.




You’re lucky.

All the Fate CN normal pugs I’ve been in fall apart after one wipe and they start calling each other inbreds. It’s funny for about five seconds until I realize I’m one of the only people left in the raid.

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