Are the devs sure that the crafting order system is a success?

One thing I would like to see added is that with a minimum requirement, we can add a bonus for procs. I truly despise the RNG part of the new crafting system as everyone wants to have the best version only, and it seems that there’s no guarantee to have the best proc with 100% chance (which imo is a problem).

If it’s decided that for whatever reason this chance of failing should be kept, a minimum requirement could allow us:

  • to define the minimum level that can be 100% achieved (I’m guessing R4 when R5 is max)
  • to possibly define the minimum proc chance for a WO to be picked up
  • add the ability to put in a gold bonus for the crafter if it does proc

As it seems that currently a R4 item might need a recraft with higher quality mats, something will need to be done here as well. It’s absurd that you’ll need a recraft for an item because it remembers that you didn’t use top-tier items, which had 0 communication about how this works. It’s just another one of those “if only you knew something you couldn’t know yet” kinda things in an already absurdly complex system.


Not everyone wants to interact with strangers, so it shouldn’t suddenly be forced on us to get things like BiS items or gems.

Sorry but this sounds like a silly complaint to me. This is the equivalent of complaining that you have to go to the grocery store and interact with cashiers to purchase your produce for the recipe you plan to make for dinner. Perhaps a Mass Multiplayer Online game is not the right game-type for you if you do not want to be surrounded by mass multiplayers.

Personally, I’m enjoying the new social aspect Crafting Orders has brought to the game. When I accept a Crafting Order, I’ll whisper the customer letting them know my inspiration proc rate if they want to try some Tier 5 recrafts on powerful equipment etc if I don’t proc it on the first try and my prices. It has added a new fun dynamic to crafting where the customer and crafter get to bond and work with each other. There is a certain sense of comradery I’ve felt with my customers as I want to hope for Inspiration procs to give them the Tier 5 item they desire and they root for my proc. It’s a pretty neat dynamic and I’m thoroughly enjoying it!


Not everyone wants to interact with strangers, so it shouldn’t suddenly be forced on us to get things like BiS items or gems.

It’s a small, quick interaction that provides substance to the world AT NO COST. You’re out here acting like you have to take these people to dinner. Any crafter I’ve interacted with has been a very fast endeavor, it gives notion to the idea that we ARE playing with other people. I think that’s awesome and I think we’re using hyperbole to twist the intention of the post in which you replied.

It’s very clear they don’t want you to have a 20 minute conversation with the crafter from trade, but it’s important we play in a living, breathing world. I disagree on such a fundamental level with your argument, especially when the argument is in such bad faith, or at least comes off as such.

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I can understanding not wanting to interact with people but cmon we being serious here. IF you HAVE to talk to someone for like 2 mins to get something is it really that bad that it should be removed for everyone else?


Talking to one person for 5 minutes to ultimately get what you are looking for is a good interaction in an MMO and I like those.

Talking to 20 different people for 3 hours to still not get what you are looking for is a major problem and is unacceptable design IMO.


It’s an issue for me and I don’t really care what you think about that.

Not even close.

I’ve been able to play WoW this way for 6 years, this change is new and changes how I have to play.

No cost for you maybe.

Again, I don’t care what you think of it. I’m saying it’s an issue for me and I’m not asking you to understand it, just respect that it’s an issue for me.

You don’t get to decide that this is important because it hasn’t been ever since I started playing.

You’re allowed to disagree, saying it’s bad faith is just obtuse. Just because you don’t understand the issue, doesn’t mean it’s not an issue for a lot of people.

You can still talk to people if you want to, never said you shouldn’t be.

if the only way you talk to people is through forced interaction, then maybe don’t try and force that onto others. I rather quit playing than put myself in a position where I have to initiate interactions with complete strangers in chat or voice.

I don’t like the crafting system and its complexity, I just want to press a button and get what I need, just like how it always has been. A quality of life feature has been taking away for me and I will remain vocal about this.


Again, I don’t care what you think of it. I’m saying it’s an issue for me and I’m not asking you to understand it, just respect that it’s an issue for me.

Yeah we just won’t see eye to eye and that’s ok! I will say, there are many things in the game that require interaction. They can make a “board” instead of trade where people can post their professions sort of like groupfinder?

It’s hard for me to recognize a quick interaction as much but there are more solutions than removing the life of the game and ability to just see and interact with other players directly or indirectly.


A feature was added, nothing was taken from you by offering a crafting system. The old way of gearing is even better now that m+ goes farther.


I talked to over 2 dozen people trying to get my cloak (a basic cloak, mind you, not a spark cloak) to be guaranteed 5 stars.

Not a single one of them could.

It was always “Oh, I didn’t take the missive into account” or “I didn’t specialize in that” etc. after I had already done the work order.

This took HOURS. And I eventually gave up because it was mentally exhausting.

Don’t even get me started on when it’s mail-specific and leatherworkers specialized in leather armor, not mail, and don’t read carefully enough and say they can do it for instance.


Perhaps I mistaken but it’s my understanding that a tier 5 will require an inspiration proc on any of the top end equipment. I believe this is how inspiration will stay relevant. I’m actually in support of tier 5 requiring inspiration proc because again it requires some coordination between the crafter and the customer as well as keeping all those inspiration specialization points relevant. I have devoted most of my specialization into creating top quality cloaks and even so I still require an inspiration proc to make tier 5. It’s very close to being on top of it but I still need the proc. Perhaps this understanding needs to be more public because obviously unless you’re the crafter no one would know that.


The item I was looking for was a non-spark item. You know, the blue gear that you buy off the AH? The only difference was it was using the Titan Training Matrix IV to increase the ilvl. Quite easy to hit 5 stars with it if you have spec points in the right place.

For spark items, yes, rank 5 will require inspiration and such.

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I can not longer get the BiS gems from the AH for example. Certain BiS items now require interaction with total strangers rather than being able to get from drops when playing with my friends.

By adding adding that feature, they’ve taken away other things.


Another thing that’s really starting bothering me, are people that do work orders for very low amounts of silver, to put the crafted items in the auction house after and make profit of professions they don’t even have. There are still people that do these work orders for them because of the lack of work orders for their weekly. I think everything demanded trough workorder should be bind on the person that assigned the work order.

I’m also very good now in a lot of professions but can’t make profit of it because I’m never long in citys and can’t wait for potential customers via trade chat… I just try to check public orders for the few minutes I stay there… which are still very rare. So people that only play for gold and sit 24/7 in trade or citys are the winners and people that raid and do mythic + and have less time in between of these things can’t make big profits from professions, while being forced to put giga amounts of gold into their consumables and gear.

I want to play the content and not sit in chats to get the gold I need to play it.


And now your decreasing the public orders available to 4 on ptr? (but you can do hundreds as a personal order ???) Makes it even harder to get a profession to max level or to get any orders outside of trade chats… Come on you can’t be serious about that…There won’t be morde orders in Public if you don’t give them a minimum quality… As engineer you can stand hours on the table there are just almost NO orders this thing won’t change anything about it.

The whole leveling the professions trough work orders feeled like scaming people to me… I was everytime very sad for people that got only 2 stars or less on anything because I had to level my profession up like this.


If they separated bombs and potions CDs it would fix the issues with engineering feeling useless. also if they removed bombs requiring outdoor use.

but yeah ive done maybe 11 of my own orders and maybe 3 orders from other people since the expansion launched. If thats not failure IDK what they expect me to be making


I understand the idea behind it - if the “main” crafters can only do 4 instead of 20, that frees up public work orders for other people.

But that isn’t the issue.

The issue is people aren’t doing public work orders.

We can’t put Recrafting Orders up for Public Order, nor can we specify quality. These are the things that need to be addressed, not how many orders can be done.

All this change does is punish crafters, for instance Scribes, who rely on Public Orders of Treatises to learn more Treatise Recipes.

Not to mention, with only 4 orders, those Treatises aren’t going to be crafted for a 50-100g tip anymore because the crafters now have 1/5th as many orders as they could fill, you’re going to have to tip 1000+g for a treatise, which is ridiculous.

It’s like they listen to feedback and just do the opposite. :confused:

If you want people putting up Public Work Orders, you need to improve Public Work Orders - allow us to specify a quality (up to 4 stars, so people can’t specify 5 stars on a spark item that requires inspiration for instance). Allow us to post recrafting orders publicly, and allow us to specify minimum quality on those too.

Yes, the majority of people will always specify 4 star, but the same people doing public orders now will still be doing public orders then, so it hurts no one, but helps everyone.


The Public Order achievements awarding Dragon Shards of Knowledge presents a problem of daily pressure with a daily cap of Public Orders as low as 4. It becomes an annoying chore when the daily cap is that low and the reward that strong.
I think some other solutions should be explored, either instead or in addition to the current changes we see.
I think we can take a cue from the BMAH in that regard, I think periodically NPCs should just put up public crafting orders. I think it would be useful for the Consortium weeklies that ask you to craft something to just instead be public crafting orders made by those NPCs, for example. There’d need to be some thought put into it but something like this would be cool to see.


How simple would it be for those that run multiple accounts already (for AH sniping and resets) to get their 4 orders per day because they can time it precisely?

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Cant believe they timegating this while they let people shift professions at the start of the expansion to earn exalted with the artisans.


Crafting orders are getting so intense people are reporting and flaming people who offer to craft/recraft lariat for free. Worst part is blizzards automated ban system means these people usually have to wait HOURS to get unbanned by an actual human.