Are the devs sure that the crafting order system is a success?

Can you atleast give skill points for weekly profession quest to level the profession up… I need 3 professions still to level up and i’m so sick of sitting on the table waiting for public orders just to level my profession… And then get afterwards flamed and ignored by the person that ordered because they only got a 2 star or lower because I am forced to level up the profession like this.


Or put Darkmoon Faire back up to 5 Skill Points.

Most professions are designed (for some crazy reason) to stop skill ups between 50-60. (One of the main issues this new profession system sucks is skill ups past 50/60 require specializing, and if you specialize in the wrong place, it can take even longer. Base recipes should have went to 100 and made specializing be about… specializing. Getting better at specific parts of the craft)

At 2 skill ups per Faire, that means you’ll be playing for 2 years worth of months to get to 100 if you don’t Specialize. (Which may be the case for people with alts).

Whereas with 5 skill ups, it’d be a little less than a year.

I know my alts still have all of their points except my alchemist, because I made a thread in the Professions forum asking for advice for the easiest way to specialize to hit 100 the cheapest and everyone gave different replies. Enchanting was pretty much “NO matter what you do, you’re spending 10-20k per skill point after 80.”


Again, since this is the main Crafting Thread, thought I’d bring this up here:

Is there a reason we’ve gone backwards on Engineering Battle Resses? In Shadowlands, a backfire did 90% of your current health, and could only kill you if it crit you (which it never made sense it was possible to crit).

However, the Dragonflight Battle Res can just outright kill you, no crit. Why is it not based on current health like the Shadowlands Brez? (I triple checked Details and this was not a crit, it did more than 79k, 79k was just how much health I had left)


You can basically say that for alot of the engineering things. Why is the new Wormhole/Failurepylon/Brez terrible? This should be looked at as a failure to address feedback and meet standards as all the other expansions had WAY better versions of the new terrible things they ruined.


I’ve given crafting another honest try, because well… Court of Stars, so I picked up Alchemy. Besides of the “random” chance with Alchemy being “explode in my face exactly every second craft”, what’s the point even? There seems to be 0 catchup, making the crafting 100% useless for weeks in a row.

I’m 1 week further, I can only craft health and mana pots at rank 3, and everything else is rank 1. I’m using every spare moment I can to experiment and craft new stuff for specializations, but it’s going to take ages before I can even remotely craft my own consumables because I just can’t get R3 stuff.

I get that it shouldn’t be easy to get there, yet there’s no difficulty, only time gating. How are people supposed to get more talent points when basically only the early adopters got to craft work orders?

I figured I could at least be somewhat self-sufficient with herbing + alchemy, but even this seems to be pointless. At this rate it feels like I’m lucky to max out both professions before 10.1 is around. Doing gathering rounds feels pointless because I’m basically only getting 50% of what I would with max talents, effectively wasting a lot of my time.

A few more things I’d like see fixed/dealt with:

  • No trade chat = no way of finding anyone who specializes in something. Give us an advertisement board or something to look up crafters so we can send a personal work order. Want inspiration? Ask Taliesin. Trade chat is cumbersome and both a strain for those advertising and those searching
  • Public work orders need to show an average cost. There’s never anything on so I have no idea what the average fee is someone wants.
  • I wanted to get profession equipment, but it’s an absolute pita to find out what exact materials I need without using an addon or notepad. I can’t have the work order window open with the auction house so I’m constantly running back and forth between them.
  • “extracting” low rank potions and flasks is really good to get rid of the old stuff, but please let me use a number other than 5 to extract. I’m having like 10+ different rank 1 potions and flasks in my inventory with 1~4 of each.
  • When you have the crafting page open, it would be really nice if you could click through to the respective talent + level required when you still need to unlock it so you don’t have to search through a dozen talents on several tabs (or even talent levels within the wheel)
  • There needs to be an easier way to see what you can unlock with what talents. The only way to figure out what you can do is to click through every darn tab, select every darn talent, and then awkwardly hover over all the spikes in the wheel… It looks cool, but it’s a horrible UX.