Are the Community Managers here to stay?

First off, thank you Community Managers (blues) for posting today! :hugs:

I would have to imagine it’s worse than sorting through the User Sub page of Imgur lol. GD can get a bit whiney (and cheesy too!), but we appreciate feedback and input from the CM’s.

Hoping you’ll be posting and replying more! :beers:


If GD is cheesy we should have a cheese race!


We need managers/moderators in Classic GD more than anything.

Literally an ape fest in there.


we need ythisens back


My American pride is wondering why the Brits have a wholesome activity that is so wonderful and we do not.

We need cheese races in the USA!

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I’m not even American and I agree! :smiley:


Mmmmmm. Cheese. Goes good melted on potatoes.

Damn. I am hungry now.


My guess is that they are just here to post links to preview pages, and then they are back to hiding in their caves.


Are they still letting people without subs post in there ?


Some of those falls looked more brutal than getting nailed by an NFL Linebacker.

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Things like that are bound to happen if you run full tilt down a hill lol

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Have not seen anybody who is bragging about a cancelled sub.

I don’t think so

Until they get fired because Blizzard needs to post profits to their investors like the last guys.

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In all seriousness it was nice seeing blues post yesterday. I hope it keeps happening :+1:

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I miss Ghostcrawler! He used to talk to us all the time on the forums! I didn’t agree with all of his opinions, but I really loved the amount of feedback he gave.

I hope he is doing well over at Riot, but I hope he comes back to WoW one day!

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Thanks CMs!! Please keep responding to us daily !! :heart: :heart:

We have those things still?

We don’t have a cave, but it would be cool if we did. :wink: We’re in the process of updating comments on our blogs, which (when finished) will automatically create forum discussion threads for those posts for us. Until then, I’m here taking care of those manually. That said, as we did on blog comments on the front page, I’ll be around to try to answer questions and engage in our published content, which is what I handle these days. It isn’t a snub if I don’t appear as much after that transition. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No offense Nethaera, but not sticking around is sorta just expected at this point. I can only speak for myself, but there really hasn’t been much of any community engagement for some time now from what I’ve seen.


A rare Blue post appears!

Go General Discussion!

What will General Discussion do?

General Discussion uses Harass!

It’s super effective!

Blue flees away for multiple months.

That’s why