Communication for feedback

This forum feels like that creepy ex who won’t stop texting, calling, mailing, fb messaging, and showing up at their exes house at all hours of the night just wanting to “talk it out” even though they’ve been broken up for 5 yrs and have been told to hit the road multiple times.


Oh the overtly racist one the blue casually replied to? Yea. That’s definitely not going to encourage them to engage with this trollbase. I mean playerbase. Lol

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I think the responses he recieved were measured and appropriate.

Are you blaming Kaivax’s error in judgement on the playerbase that all but screamed to him the nature of the thread?

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I am sure they do look at what is on the forum. Just currently the practice is most likely to summarize hot topics on the forum to developers rather than directly responding to people on the forum. But that is only a small task compared to the majority of what they actually do in the forums. Which is basically moderating the threads.

No. He made that reply all on his own but that situation will keep blizz gun shy so to speak. Regarding posting in casual “fun” threads.
Basically. Killed any hope for engagement from blizz.

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X amount of player have a problem, that if not fixed, will drop. Blizz won’t fix them and have 2 options.

A) Say it, and make those player drop now
B) Don’t Say it, and milk those player a bit more, and who know, some even won’t drop.

Or maybe he learned a valuable lesson that day. Context matters in regard to OPs, and if players are yelling to you that something is wrong, perhaps once in a while they should be heeded.

Blizzard communicates with players on a daily basis. Just not with classic players.
Classic General and retal general forums are not magically made up of a different sort of customer base. The reason that they “engage” as much as they do with GD, and how little they do with classic forum, is not due to the players. It is an obvious unwillingness to communicate regarding one game over the other.


Yea, it’s obvious there’s more attention toward retail than classic by looking at that post.

They can sit there and say ‘well look at what happened when Kaivax posted’ but that’s what happens when you don’t address ANYTHING ELSE.

Even if the context of that thread was so oblivious to the CM, we still would like issues addressed. All the random conversations would be great, but address these issues first… which doesn’t seem like they care about this classic player base.

I’m not sure what you want them to say about Classic vs. Retail. This isn’t a game in development. It’s going to have very minimal changes from what it was 15 years ago regardless of how many forum posts there are stating opinions about spell batching, AV cues and the like.
Retail, on the other hand, is a work in constant progress. If enough people say “Something broke my Mechagon” they’d be more likely to look into it and provide feedback if it’s something that needs to be hotfixed.

Never say die.
Quitting is for the weak.

Oh, come off it. That’s on par with “Well, the CM shouldn’t have posted an opinion we didn’t like”.

You’re proving you don’t really believe that CMs can’t give you info they don’t have or haven’t been permitted to.

Keep on providing examples of why they should never, ever post anything but official news.

I’ve been out of the loop for a while, what happened?

Blizzard probably has some employee who reads the forum for feedback. That employee probably is not authorized to write in the forum. And that employee is certainly not a “dev”, or an insider with knowledge about Blizzard’s plans.

Many of the posts in this forum are toxic attacks on Blizzard. Smart people do NOT respond to attacks, in any way. They do NOT engage (interact) with toxic people. That is a well-known strategy. It definitely applies to this forum.

Two-way communication with “Blizzard” is not part of the service. You are not paying for that. Blizzard doesn’t offer that. You are welcome to provide 1-way “feedback”, but it is not replied to.

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After weeks of radio silence, the first blue post we got was a CM unwittingly stumbling into an obvious troll thread posted by a level 10 gnome named “Proudboy”, who was advocating Whitemane’s unique and superior culture to other servers, of which it should not be ashamed.

CM came in halfway through a conversation with rich contributions such as “I love being White(mane)” and how servers are “separate but equal”, and was then understandably chewed out for inadvertently advertising this particular thread with his Blizzard tag.

No, this is a bit different. Besides, what kind of customer service are you advocating? If a restaurant manager serves a bad meal and knows he’s going to cop a lot of negative feedback, that means it’s okay for them to sit in their office and hide?

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Kaivax has been pretty active sinc ethe beginnign of 2020…I wonder if Acti-Blizzard made it a point to get teh CM back out there…I made a fan boy post to kaivax here…hope he keeps poking his head out going forward…

Clearly you’ve never managed a restaurant. :joy::joy::joy:

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To put the analogy a bit better:
If a restaurant manager uses rat poison in the iced tea rather than sugar, gets negative feedback for doing so by customers, are they really going to have other customers white knighting him, suggesting that if he is criticized he’ll stop serving iced tea?

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Four posts, one of which would have gotten him fired a lot of places, isn’t what I would call " pretty active".