Are people going to take DPS Ferals now or?

I don’t think that’s going to be accurate to the whole of the base at the time. People “including myself” weren’t playing optimal or even close to it back then.

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Oh I agree, which is why I found those “see see!! people were nigh experts at powershifting back in TBC!!” threads and posts to be just silly as can be. Even in the EJ threads there was some skepticism as to whether or not you should even bother since the only practical location for most Ferals was OTing.

Powershifting was by no means widespread or well known in TBC, and even among those that did know about it, many scoffed at the risk/reward and didn’t bother. Then Wrath came out and obliterated it entirely.

I have read some powershifting post from back then but none of them ever included wolfshead helm.

EJ threads did, but that’s about it.

No. I’ll break this down really slowly for you:

  • “They said it was unintentional” - This means that Blizzard didn’t make the change with Feral Druids in mind, nothing more.
  • “They just never changed it” - This means that despite being informed it changed, they didn’t bother to revert it or create a workaround for Feral Druids
  • Blizzard doesn’t support powershifting and never has, hence them spending zero effort to reverse the effects of something that only unintentionally changed for powershifting focused Druids
  • THEREFORE - “unintended” means explicitly that it was a surprise, but not an unwanted surprise, and thus not a bug.

Are they going to be taken to speed clears and fully min/maxed raid groups? No probably not. Are they going to be taken to normal raid groups? Yes probably. All about finding the right guild for you.

If you’re looking for a sweaty min/max raid group… then you should already know the answer to this question.

Edit: and no… the fix wasn’t a waste of time… Something doesn’t have to change what the 1-5% does in order to be considered worthwhile. I personally look forward to this being implemented.

Um… I doubt the validity of this statement. Heck I was a complete noob in TBC (the expac I started playing), didn’t even hit max, and even I knew powershifting was a thing.

Just be clear he stated that powershifting was not supported by blizzard as a fact, so anything he says is well … might not be exactly true :slight_smile:

This doesn’t negate my point though. See:

If you look at any of the links Zipzo provided in that old thread, you’ll see more than a few posts by people disregarding the usefulness, or simply doubting the usefulness, of powershifting. Still others misunderstand how or why it worked certain ways even during TBC’s lifetime.

Powershifting was a known thing, but it wasn’t a widely known thing. If you were the kind of person to crawl forums and read EJ and similar, you probably knew about it as a DPS method. Also note that powershifting refers to both the specific usage for DPS and the macros so many of us had just for general PvP use. I had a cancelform macro in Vanilla, but I never really bothered with trying to utilize Wolfshead Helm or Furor for DPS until TBC after reading a lot of the EJ stuff.

Sorta muddies the waters when looking through old stuff when some talk about powershifting for DPS and others talk about just using shifting to break roots/snares instantly.

Just ask for proof?

Haha, I love the back and forth you guys have and never do something as simple as verification of what you’re being told.

Then again, I warned you that you were just wasting your time earlier by continuing. There’s really nowhere this conversation can go since this post was made:

Does it really matter who does or doesn’t know about “powershifting” ? Apparently, enough people knew about it and made a stink about it that Blizzard decided to go through with a #SomeChanges.

Nah they never supported powershifting it was an exploit. What proof? Fasc said it 100+ times, must be true.

Srry my guild runs 17 hunter dps no room

The post is there for everyone to read. This section in particular:

I added emphasis.

Nothing else that guy says matters. The decision has been made.

Anything else coming out at this point is just bitterness. Nothing will change. Blizzard will not walk this back.

You are kind of overlooking the obvious part of my post. There’s a ton of cat/bear parses where the primary role of a given Cat parse was OT, and the primary role of a given Bear parse was DPS.

It’s the only class that functions this way on most fights.

Like, if you wanted to compare Warlock and Mage parses on Twins, you couldn’t just pick out an average or compare percentiles because aroundnhalf of the Warlocks aren’t really performing a role that parses.

It was sarcasm lol. The trollol you argued against was saying that for a month.

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I realize it. As I said above, he’s been on my ignore list for months.

Oh I agree, but this typically skews people trying to parse while being a Bear rather than people trying to parse while being a Cat for most of the fight. I do myself no favors for a Cat parse by going Bear.

However, WCL seems to be separating out those kinds of parses as “Warden” parses.

The few that exist like this are using a mix of Bear and Cat abilities. The 2nd highest Warden Druid on Gruul did most of their damage with Cat abilities, but Lacerate/Maul/Swipe/Mangle (Bear) are all present as well.

Suffice to say, any Cat parse is actually just Cat abilities.

EDIT: A similar category exists for Gladiator Warriors, or Warriors who are Protection but go full DPS mode.

Kitty dps is not good in TBC and never was, that’s not an opinion it’s simply the reality of the spec.

If some people are happy about getting energy changed back because they feel like the rotation is better more power to them. It doesn’t change how well or rather how poorly kitty actually dps’s.

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Top warrior parses per boss seem to have staggeringly high reck usage too lol

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I mean… yes. The fact they have a massive CD that dramatically improves their output doesn’t really diminish the fact that they can bring significantly more damage than a Feral when push comes to shove.

I’m sure most of these parses feature super heavy Heroism/Bloodlust stacking as well.

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