Arcane Blast

How can we make spamming our filler spell, which we hold back due to it’s high cost, the go-to spam during Arcane Power?

Make Arcane Blast so that during Arcane Power we want to spam Blast for DPS. It’s transformed: it’s not a filler, no procs needed, no build and dump mechanic.


I’ll throw one out there: Nether Tempest is a passive talent. Hitting a target with a fully charged Arcane Blast applies it or refreshes the duration. Triple it’s co-efficient and have it scale with Savant like all other Arcane damage.

Arcane Barrage has a higher co-effiecent, gets a talent multiplier (1.15 on ST, making it nearly double AB) and a legendary multiplier (up to 2.44.) Making Nether Tempest a passive AB talent discourages the first multiplier so ABarr doesn’t get so tall in ST burst windows.

Arcane Blast is basically a dot looking spell during cast anyway, why not let it explode into a dot?


The question is why do you want to make your filler the go-to spam during AP?


Because that should be it’s switch, Arcane Power reduces mana cost, especially with Overpowered, that just screams, “Now, now now!” for Arcane Blast, being the only spell we cast that costs anything.

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You do Blast in AP depending on your build/cov though, after your ToTM.

I’d rather it just do more damage. I miss the BFA mastery corruption gear and dropping Arcane Blast bombs on targets. Tacking on a DoT would be like a Fire Mage.

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Would help if you actually played the right leggo too.

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Maybe a legendary like Slick Ice. But it would have to come online quicker. It should also make Arcane Blast work like Arcane Blast should…

While Arcane Power is active, each Arcane Blast you cast increases the cost of Arcane Blast by 10%, increases max mana and mana regeneration by 10%, and increases its damage by 10%, stacking up to 5 times.

It’s a clear buff to Arcane Blast during Arcane Power, you would hesitate to cast anything else for those 15 seconds, and it would help in generating CC procs, after spamming AB 11 times you should have more than 1 CC proc come up, that’s half the fun of spamming AB.

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I like this idea a lot. Maybe even make it pulse a tempest out when you hit them with a fully charged blast during AP.

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There’s real opportunity cost in Nether Tempest that just shuts it down. If you have time to cast that, you have time to cast literally anything else for more damage. It’s not about making Arcane a dot spec, it’s more about giving Resonance competition in ST.

I think an AB is the candidate for an “AP window buff.” There’s different ways to do it. The one I mentioned before is a little complicated.

While Arcane Power is active, Arcane Blast’s cost is increased by 50%, it has a 50% critical strike chance, and critical strikes refund mana spent.

This way Arcane Blast get’s its much needed *2 multiplier during the burst window, and it’s chance to generate CC isn’t dampened, yet the “cost reduction” is still there.

It’s a legendary because you pick this, or you talent into Resonance to give ABarr *1.15, gear Harmony for *2.44, pick RoP and OP for *1.9, pick Kyrian for Radiant Spark and select the Ire conduit for *1.8. Hit the buttons and crank the slot machine for a single spell to pick up a *2 crit multiplier.

Sorry, but that’s Hearthstone RNG meme territory. When it happens your fans in the stream will dump a big cooler of Gatorade on your head and everybody will howl. That’s not how we play this game, though.

Arcane Power is 15 seconds long to smooth out crit RNG.

You really have no idea what you’re talking about.

You only take resonance for ST if you’re Kyrian and running the harmony leggo. Other then that echo is the single target


AB is the most boring ability in game
a long time to cast to do zero dmg

personally, I love spamming missiles. moving it back to spammable vs. the only-castable-with-proc was the best change. It’s why I have so many mages. lmao

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Not to mention they scaled it’s damage with Mastery: Savant. Buffed the Amplification talent and added Clearcasting stacks, added a Legendary that counts missiles to buff barrage, and a conduit for CD reduction off CC missiles.

Arcane Missiles got a hug AND a kiss this expansion.

I think Arcane has pretty decent synergies with the new systems. If Arcane Blast can just get a little nod or something, I’d enjoy that. Could maybe prevent gimmicky builds from cropping up if it’s damage profile was made a little more fun. Like increased crit chance or something.

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If they made ToTM instant, Arcane would be the best makeover of a class of the expansion by far. Everything would just work


a little counter productive to have a main cd that reduces mana costs resulting in procing less of your big damage procs (that already have a poor proc rate) during that window. fix cc procing of spent mana and ur golden.

i’d still kill for the option of having PoM grant CC stacks over instant cast AB.

depends on your legendary. packing a fast amount of missiles with ab that hits for over 60k isnt a joke either.

So many bad ideas in this thread, we just got out of the hell that was the BfA Arcane rotation let’s not go back to it ever again.

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Well, elaborate on that hell. I’ll start: It was one where you spammed and choked on good procs during burst: fixed.

My theory: Arcane Blast damage is low or feels low because of Touch of the Magi and how it plays in a min/max rotation. If we didn’t have Touch of the Magi, they would’ve buffed Arcane Blast’s damage more significantly than they did, but because TotM has such massive potential, we get the Arcane Blast we have now.