Arcane Blast

IMO - it would be more fun if clearcasting procs lasted longer and did significantly more damage. It feels much smoother to save some procs and then go into a burst rotation then just press AP and then spam (BLAST BLAST BLAST BLAST).

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Arcane is missing something. I shouldn’t have to go Kyrian to be competitive… imo. Maybe buff Arcane Bombardment Legendary, or have it grant something extra? Or maybe have it do damage at 50% instead of 35%… Man idk Non Arcane Kyrian needs a lil love though.

bombardment is my leggo of choice, I would take that buff!

I think it could be cool if AB worked similar to how Chronosphere works, the damage would scale off how long you held down the button, you could have a few short bursts when needed or a long big hit, it would be more flexible for the damage windows and add some mobility. I generally dont use AB unless i can get it to atleast 2 charges, leaving AM being the better opion.

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You know what I think would make Arcane Blast feel like a better spell to cast? If you actually saw when you cast it.

I mean, I like the whole concept of it being an invisible spell in PvP. You can cast it, and people can be completely unaware of getting hit by it until they see their numbers dropping, but I’m not a big PvP game. I want my mage to be flashy. I want Arcane Blast to look impressive. As it stands now, the spells my elemental shaman cast make him LOOK more like a classic mage than my mage does. He fires lightning bolt, throws fire, has swirling elemental energy spinning around him, etc. My mage looks …dull. Boring.


Then go Venthyr :slight_smile:

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Turn your game sounds on. Arcane Blast is one of the best looking and sounding spells in the game.

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