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Show us numbers.

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    The quest “Bang a Gong!” cannot be completed by characters who transferred to the realm in the past 90 days

I have a question for clarification on when this 90-day period begins and ends.
If I transferred on May 1st, am I then eligible to earn the mount any time after August 1st. I am a member of a guild that moved to a higher population realm from a near dead realm so that we could build a raiding group and coalition with other players. We did this late april and early may. This is important to us because we would naturally like to have one of our own able to work towards the mount. Please clarify how the 90 day restriction works…

I think it’s because Silithus is the heart of the matter. The farming happens there, the quests, the raids. The war effort. People are fine with the bosses in other zones, that’s not the problem

“show me a source on something that’s commonly known”

It’s all over youtube. So I’m gonna go ahead and say

“google it”.

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But why Westfall, seriously that’s like 30 min away and Barrens is like 5 min away. Port to hearth location or if they have it as the Cenarion Hold just port to their main city.

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So Darnassus sounds good to me

this is just very old legacy code that’s existed since vanilla that still exists today. if character becomes stuck or not found, the server script is literally coded to just dump the character in westfall or barrens


Thanks for the feedback, Karen

Youtube doesn’t prove that private realms had a bigger audience than classic. In fact, I’d argue that it does the opposite.


Something a friend of mine made back in the day. Enjoy folks. :slight_smile:

Will the broodlord head be master lootable? Or are we gonna have to hope someone doesn’t accidentally loot it who doesn’t possibly have the time to do the grind?

I was able to ML it last night.

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Would you mind being more specific about the autocomplete mechanism? It seems to be bugged as multiple servers have seen 0% progress since the autocomplete was supposed to start (On Aug 27th, 30 days after the Content unlock on July 28th).

Also this posts mentions “Before Naxx” which would be in 2021 as the latest moment the gates would open. But the original Blue post from 2009 mentioned 30 days after the autocomplete mechanism starts.

“The war effort auto-complete, starting 30 days after the war effort is triggered and completing in no more than 30 days after that (if I remember the numbers correctly right now), has been in since AQ launched. It’s not something new, nor something we activate manually. It’s part of the game system for opening the gates, and always has been.”

Some clarification would be highly appreciated

Yes, clarification would be very much appreciated. A lot of people who are very confused as to why the auto-completion hasn’t started yet.

Still waiting for that auto turn in that should have started 3 days ago… What’s the deal?

What’s the new ETA for this given it’s now overdue?

Turns out they completely made it up.

Still waiting on ANY news.