Raid Reset Planned Downtime for July 28

As some have noticed, we have Breaking News in the App for WoW Classic that indicates a two-hour downtime for the content update along with the weekly raid reset tomorrow.

We’re changing that to 30 minutes. We do need to make sure realms are down when the reset occurs, and we expect to finish our final checks for the content and see realms open to players at around 9:30 a.m. PDT / 12:30 p.m. EDT.


Thanks for the update Kaivax :kissing_heart:


Wizard oils!!


Needed to avoid the extra reset drama. Well done.

So should I logout in Ironforge for the War Effort turn ins or are there quests in Silithus I should be doing first? I’m not doing the scepter quest and I missed this whole event in Vanilla.

theres nothing new in silithus other than the starter quest for broodlord head

There are only 3 things happening tomorrow:

  1. Guilds doing broodlord for head and then talking with their server coalitions to pick designated hives to farm fragments

  2. War effort turn ins in cities

  3. 0.5T set, mainly darkmantle for rogues

inb4 servers crash from all the guilds mass-turning in War Effort supplies. :rofl: