Apparently the 20 Free to Play Starter Edition bracket is now merged with the 20-29 XP- Disabled Bracket

What this means -
Level 70 Twink Players that got squished down to 27 in SL now have over powered gear.
New players that are new to World of Warcraft reach their final level at 20 and are able to queue a battleground BUT will most likely get one shot by a level 29 XP- OFF character.

It’s always been this way. It’s nothing new but with the level squish there will be a huge major gap in power level.

I don’t understand why Blizzard would do this.
This would discourage new players from engaging in the game.


I agree, this is horrible for new players. Those with trial accounts will have a bad taste for pvp right from the get-go, making them less likely to sub to your game.


come on up to 50 and soon enough 60 on a capped account.

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I appreciate the humor and irony of a lvl 20 twink posting this thread and of me, a lvl 20 twink replying. It feels odd to concern troll over “wont someone think of the levelers” when we, in fact, often dont.

But you guys have gone to great lengths to improve the beginner player experience and if this change was intended, I’m not sure how it does that. Before today, new players on starter accounts would que up to pvp from level 10 to level 20. The ques would be quick (3-5 minutes) and the games mostly twink free from 10-19. When they reached 20, yes, twinks abound but the pvp ques were still quick and the games at least enjoyable. At 20, since the twinks are also 20, a new player could at least contribute. A bit.

Now, these new players on starter accounts simply wont get pvp BGs from 10-19. They’ll que up, sure, But theres not going to be enough of a population to get BGs to pop before they hit 20. And when they hit 20, the games are going to be nothing but level 29 twinks in raid gear farming unaware beginners on starter accounts. And the ques are going to be long and only pop for 6ish hours a day. We’ve seen this before.

And Im not exaggerating. This has happened before when BGs were 20-24 and 25-29. People specifically made 24 twinks just to farm new players on starter accounts. And this was eventually determined to be a detrimental experience then too.

I really do think you need to revert this change if it was intended, or fix this bug if it was unintended. There are other ways to deal with twinks in BGs that dont negatively effect folks on random starter accounts.


Sock puppeting needs to die.


These arent sock puppets. A lot of us play our twinks as our mains. Light is a well known twink and Chops is the only name I’m known by. Me posting on my 60 would actually be the sockpuppet lol


They’re doing the new players a favor by making them want to quit this garbage game.


This sure is a weird change, not in the patch notes so unsure if it was intended or not.
Kinda funny that they spoke about merging the xpoff queues in Wrath Classic yet they did this to retail. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


At long last.


Aside from turning the non twinked starter accounts off the game entirely this is going to effect the queue of any non prime time battleground.

Meaning the 5 minute queues of the past - gone. If someone afks out, good luck on getting a backfill.


I agree with light/cignus/chops, people who are looking for a good pvp experience and are new to the game aren’t going to get a good vibe from walking into their first battleground and be being killed in 1 hit from a 29 twink. I’m really hopeful this was a mistake and it gets reversed.


Jesus christ just make leveling pvp 10-49 (or soon to be 59) and balance it around single bracket with templates. Literal goons unable to comprehand the massive amount of damage done to your frachise with unbalanced starter pvp expirience. Fire the person who did this. Then fire the one that didnt fire this person and fire the one that didn’t fire entire pvp balancing team 10 years ago.

Holy sweat from the holy church of the hat give me a goat a bottle of rum with a week to live and i balance entire pvp and sail away in to sunset with my hat on a love boat made of the hair of ravencrest players.



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It’s about letting lvl 20’s be farmed by 29s so they buy game time + tokens in order to compete.

Or just google ’ blizzard’s patent on matchmaking ’

If this is a ploy to get subs, it’s not going to work. Many in the 20s community already run subbed accounts to assist in building their twinks, then transfer them to an unsubscribed account. They buy WoW tokens so they can buy BoEs and profession mats on the AH. Twinking at 20 is making Blizzard good money, make no mistake.

Vet 20s often already have a subscription going, making them play subbed 29s won’t add a subscription, it will remove the need to buy character transfers. So, lost revenue in the long run.

And the true f2p players out there were never going to sub anyways, we all know this, so they’ll just ragequit after going to all this effort to build a viable f2p twink has been wasted.

Seems an odd choice, Bliz, if this is indeed working as intended.


if this is an intended change then It would be cool if we all just played 30 instead and did wargames lol. probably wont happen though.

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incoming “last expansion level cap” the new F2P

Thank you for your 20 videos, assuming you’re that CigNus. I did one xpac behind for a long time, not really sure what got me to pay for Shadowlands (handsome Brad Pitt Anduin got me to pay for BfA). But I really enjoyed playing at 20 on my linked account(s). I’m semi-disabled and having a lot fewer buttons to push helped a lot and it was a lot more manageable, x item is BiS so farm x item whereas at 60 things were changing so much for a long time, relatively stable now that Dragonwhatever is on the horizon. Anyway, I’m not mad but I liked playing at 20 the way I did it before, I’ve done most/all of the PvE content for F2P and just liked the process of gearing up the best I could to go against people that were presumably doing the same thing. I won’t bother paying for a sub or expansion if it’s not fun and this change makes it not fun for me so it is what it is.


Oh come on. As if ANY new player had a chance in the 20-29 bracket to begin with. I cannot believe that these are the talking points. You guys can’t be serious. One of my nephews is on a F2P account and at level 20 he has 950 HP and that’s with me taking him through some dungeons.

You guys are out of your minds if you think the most toxic bracket was kind to new players in any way.

This thread is just filled with upset 20 twinks realizing that they aren’t going to be top dogs anymore. My nephew started a F2P account several weeks ago and stepped into BGs at 20 to see what PvP was like since he couldn’t level anymore. He left the game early. What I’m hearing is that now I can level my 20 prot paladin to 29 and lock his XP and still have relatively fast queues now that there are more players able to join. Unless everyone is going to jump ship again since they no longer have an advantage?


Yea, you wont get fast ques. This has happened before so we dont really have to guess at how its going to go. Starter accounts like your nephew will be waiting for half an hour to get a game and those games will only happen during peak times. The games will be packs of 29s out padding HK numbers because “hey guys make a 29 twink and just farm starter accounts all days hurrdurr” and nobody is really going to have a good time.

And yea, I know. The 20-29 bracket isnt exactly friendly to new players. But! I would encourage you to maybe get your nephew into starter account twinking! It’s extremely rewarding (even without the pvp) and a ton of fun just to chase high achievement point totals, collections etc on a F2P account.